The Revitalize party is running uncontested in this year's Association of Students of the University of Nebraska election. 

There are 45 University of Nebraska-Lincoln students running with Revitalize, two students running as independents and one student as a write-in candidate. 

While there will be no competition between different student election groups, certain positions have more candidates than the number of senate seats or positions available.

The general election will be held from 8 a.m. on Tuesday, March 23 until 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 24 via MyRED. 

The Daily Nebraskan asked senate candidates why students should elect them.

College of Journalism and Mass Communications 

Positions available:

Candidates: 2

Name: Meyri Ibrahim

Standing for 2021-22 Academic Year: Junior 

Major(s): Journalism and political science 

Party: Revitalize

Year(s) in ASUN: One

Reason for Running: “I decided to run for this position because I want to make sure that students in the CoJMC are being heard. With the impact COVID-19 has had on all of our lives, things aren't able to happen the way they used to and things have had to change. With all of these changes, now more than ever, students feel like their voices don't matter. I want to be an advocate for students, both at the college and the university level, to ensure that students are being kept at the forefront.”

What Makes Them Qualified: “I believe I'm qualified for this position because I've made it a point to advocate for students and other underrepresented groups along with continuing the push for equity, both on-campus and in the greater Lincoln community.”

Name: Naren Narasimhan

Standing for 2021-22 Academic Year: Sophomore 

Major(s): Sports media and mass communications and marketing

Party: Revitalize

Year(s) in ASUN: One 

Reason for Running: “I decided to run for this position because I wanted to represent students so their needs could be heard. I want to make change on this campus and this is a great way to do it.”

What Makes Them Qualified: “I believe I'm qualified for this position because of my experience and drive. I've been involved in ASUN already and this is the next step to take to get more involved. In addition, I have the spark to throw in new ideas and foster more change on campus.”

Graduate Students

Positions available: 6

Candidates: 2

Name: Eric Rodene

Standing for 2021-22 Academic Year: Graduate student 

Major(s): Agronomy and horticulture

Party: Revitalize

Year(s) in ASUN: Five  

Reason for Running: “I've been involved in ASUN and the Graduate Student Assembly for several years already, and I'm committed to continue doing so for next year. It is important that graduate students also have a voice in student government at the university.”

What Makes Them Qualified: “I've been involved in ASUN as a senator for several years, and have also held various officer positions in GSA. I know the ins and outs of both organizations and would like to continue representing the needs of my fellow graduate students. This will be my second year as GSA President.

Name: Ryan Haggerty

Standing for 2021-22 Academic Year: Graduate Student

Major(s): Civil and environmental engineering

Party: Independent

Year(s) in ASUN: None

Reason for Running: “When getting involved with the GSA, I was told that this was an excellent way to help graduate students have much-needed representation within ASUN. I want to do my part to ensure that we have that opportunity.”

What Makes Them Qualified: “I am completely willing to represent the voice of graduate students in ASUN. I am open to communication and want to be a conduit for the best interests of the group. The willingness to learn and consider all opinions is my biggest qualification.”