MySpace isn't just used to waste time while pretending to study or seeing who can claim the most ``friends.''

The Web site's latest trend is all about music.

At MySpace, bands and musicians can set up Web pages for fans to listen to their music and learn what the band is all about.

For one band in particular, MySpace is the reason they exist today.

The Summer Obsession is on the recently released MySpace Records compilation CD. The founding members of the group put a couple self-recorded tracks on its MySpace site hoping to draw in listeners.

``The first thing we did when we started the band was to make a MySpace account,'' vocalist and bass player Lucien Walker said.

``We knew that MySpace would be big and wanted to become a part of that.''But in the beginning, Walker had no idea how big it would become.

After starting the band's account, Walker noticed Tom automatically pop up as a friend.

Tom is the ``go to guy'' for any questions regarding MySpace. Walker really wanted to meet with Tom, hoping to help out the band.

``We heard about a MySpace party in Miami, about six hours away from where we are, and we immediately wanted to go and talk to him,'' he said. ``We were basically stalking Tom.''

Once the band made it to the party, they met Tom and hit it off. They gave him a CD and from there, The Summer Obsession's success took off.

The band later got signed to Virgin Records and MySpace has been helping them along the way.

``MySpace really helped us gain a fan base without virtually any touring,'' Walker said. ``It basically launched our career.''

MySpace not only helps bands get heard, but also gives listeners access to what they need.

Andy Fairbairn, entertainment director of Duffy's Tavern, 1412 O St., has used MySpace to check out bands when booking shows.

``It's a great way to quickly check out bands,'' Fairbairn said. ``MySpace is all a band needs to have a for a Web site now.''

Jason Wilmot, senior elementary education major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a local singer/songwriter, started his MySpace music account last summer to network his music.

Although Wilmot isn't signed to a label, his EP is on MySpace. For him, MySpace has been amazing, he said.

``I can line up shows with other bands in other states,'' Wilmot said. ``It's been really cool to meet bands from other places and even here in Lincoln.''

Matt Jordan, sophomore journalism major at the University of Kentucky, got involved in MySpace to find out about new bands.

``I was looking for alternatives to the lame bands who were getting airplay at the time and MySpace definitely helped me out,'' Jordan said.

Jordan uses the site to keep tabs on his favorite bands, but also to discover new bands. Once you are a friend with a band, you can receive bulletins and updates to be informed about the group.

Jordan currently has a blog called ``You Ain't No Picasso'' that he updates on a regular basis with new bands he has discovered.

``Lots of times, a band looking to be featured on my blog will email me with a little information, but instead of attaching an MP3, they'll just link me to their MySpace account,'' he said.

``But with any Web site, sometimes you have to do a little digging through MySpace to find really good bands.''

MySpace enables users to search by genre, location, band member, influences or sound. This helps members find exactly what they're looking for.

Proven by The Summer Obsession's experiences, MySpace is a great way to jump-start a career in the music industry. But MySpace also has a community feel to it.

``Part of what makes MySpace so influential is the community aspect of it,'' Jordan said. ``Fans really feel like they're close to the band and I think that helps build a strong fan base.''