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Grace Gorenflo: Hello and welcome to The Daily Nebraskan’s weekly news podcast. Here we take you through our top three stories of the week in case you missed them. My name is Grace Gorenflo, assistant news editor, and this is Your Week on Campus.

Gorenflo: First we have reporter Jackson Piercy here to talk to us about a new group session offered by Counseling and Psychological Services. 

So, Jackson, can you tell us how this group came about and what it offers students?

Jackson Piercy: It was formed to help students with social anxiety; that’s what it was specifically made for. It’s like a little group therapy, about eight people, and you’ve got your one staff member there and basically everybody has a little chance to talk to everybody, getting used to talking to the group of people. One helper and eight other people who are kind of in the same boat. Every Friday, 3:30 [p.m.] to 5 [p.m.]. My source here, Scott Winrow — the man who says he’s running this group, so I trust him — he says the group’s currently full. But I think next semester they’re going to run more groups.

Gorenflo: Gotcha. Okay, great. Thank you, Jackson. 

Piercy: Thank you for having me.

Gorenflo: We also have reporter David Bartle here to inform us about new food rules affecting organizations on campus.

So, David, can you kind of give us the lowdown on these new food rules and how they came about?

David Bartle: Yeah, Grace. Well, starting on July 1, this summer, the UNL Risk Management office, which is under UNL Business & Finance, started enforcing their new food policy for events, student organization groups, on campus. And these new food rules regulate where students can get food from, For example, it limits the catering and vending service to a list of university-approved caterers and restaurants and so on. But it also regulates how you can cook food, how you can store food, how you can prepare it and serve it. So, if a student organization wanted to do a bake sale, there’s a new set of rules that they have to comply with. So, for example, all beverages, including water, have to be Pepsi products. And then, there’s no more homemade food that you can publicly serve. Obviously you can bring your lunch to campus but this is for events. 

Gorenflo: Gotcha. So, who did you talk to for this story and what did they add to your piece?

Bartle: I primarily emailed Leslie Reed who is UNL’s spokeswoman and public affairs director about the new policy and rules because it was a little confusing where they came from. But if you actually go to UNL Business & Finance’s website, they have a list of policies. If you look there, you can find a lot of the policies and the list of approved caterers, which is also where I got a lot of information from. But I also interviewed Ashley Tyler, president of UNL Tennis Club, to talk with her about the Tennis Club’s experience with the new rules and her own personal thoughts on the new rules. 

Gorenflo: Awesome. And, lastly, overall, what should we take away from this story?

Bartle: I’d say the biggest takeaway from this story is that UNL, out of concern for public health and in line with other Big Ten schools, has a new set of comprehensive food policies. So if you’re involved in an RSO or you want to start an event on campus, it’s a great way to inform yourself about just standard practices of food preparation, serving and all that stuff.

Gorenflo: Great. Thank you, David.

Bartle: Thank you, Grace.

Gorenflo: Lastly assistant news editor Luna Stephens is going to give us the lowdown on what to expect from homecoming week. Luna?

Luna Stephens: So, basically, since this year is the university’s 150th anniversary, they wanted to make homecoming week even bigger. So some of the biggest changes are, first of all, they moved the parade route. It used to be along Greek Row; now, it’s going to start at 16th and Vine [streets] and run to the stadium’s East Plaza. And then, this year, they’re also bringing back the Cornstock Festival, which is going to include events before and after the parade. For the rest of the homecoming events, check out the article on the

Gorenflo: Okay, great. Thank you, Luna. 

Gorenflo: Alright, thank you everyone for tuning in to this week’s podcast. Be sure to check out for more on these stories and even more UNL news. Tune in next time and enjoy Your Week on Campus.