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Grace Gorenflo: Hello and welcome to The Daily Nebraskan’s weekly news podcast. Here we take you through our top three stories of the week in case you missed them. My name is Grace Gorenflo, assistant news editor, and this is Your Week on Campus.

First we have reporter Becca Holladay with us to discuss Education Abroad’s passport giveaway. Okay Becca, start from the top. 

Becca Holladay: Hi, Grace. So, the UNL Education Abroad Office went through an initiative to give away 100 free passports to UNL undergraduate students who are at least 18, a U.S. citizen and who have never owned a passport before. Students who were interested applied online at the Education Abroad Office’s website. They had until Friday, Nov. 1, and first generation college students, students in need of financial assistance, students further than two semesters from graduation or students planning to participate in a study abroad program were given priority consideration. 

The passports were estimated to be worth around $175, and the office received donations from some of its affiliated partners and also used some of their flexible funds. The office started this initiative because studying abroad can be a complex process, especially the securing of the correct documents, especially for students who have never had a passport before. And all of the up front costs can be really daunting, so they wanted to make it a little easier for students. 

Gorenflo: Awesome. Thank you, Becca.

Next, reporter Hanna Christensen is going to give us a preview on this week’s RED Talk.

Hanna Christensen: The RED Talk event is going to be held on Tuesday from 7 to 8:30 and they’re in the Adele Learning Hall Commons, which is by Dunkin’ Donuts. There’re going to be five presentations, and they’re each about eight minutes long. They’re undergrad students that work in [Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience at Nebraska] and they’re going to tell us about the research they’ve been working on. It’s a really good opportunity for them to show off their skills and what they’ve been working on, and it’s also great for anyone who is interested in research and what’s involved to help get familiar with it.

Gorenflo: Great. Thank you, Hanna. 

Christensen: Thank you. 

Gorenflo: Lastly, we have reporter Jolie Peal here to tell us about a female-focused IT conference. Jolie, give us the lowdown. 

Jolie Peal: The conference is on Tuesday to Wednesday, it’s a two-day conference, and they are focused on women in IT leadership. So, they have a couple different keynote speakers going on. They have a really cool panel where they’re focusing on reviewing the past five years in the field, and then they’re looking forward and seeing where it might take them in the next five years for 2025.

The co-chairs that I talked to are Marcia Dority Baker and Amy Metzger, and they were very excited about the conference because they talked about how EDUCAUSE is a sponsor this year, and that was a really big deal for them, and just that knowing that they have a focus of education in IT. And they also have a record high of 17 students attending from UNL, along with other Big Ten schools, so they were very excited about that.

And the theme this year is disruption, and they chose this theme because in past years they’ve always been talking about awareness and bringing awareness of diversity to the field and this year they want to make a change and actually take what they learn home. And so they’re hoping that the keynote speakers this year will give attendees a to-do list of what they can do to take home and make these changes and bring diversity into their programs.

Gorenflo: Great. Thank you, Jolie.

Alright, thank you everyone for tuning in to this week’s podcast. Be sure to check out for more on these stories and even more UNL news. Tune in next time and enjoy Your Week on Campus.