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Grace Gorenflo: Hello and welcome to The Daily Nebraskan’s weekly news podcast. Here we take you through our top three stories of the week in case you missed them. My name is Grace Gorenflo, assistant news editor, and this is Your Week on Campus.

First we have reporter Brian Beach here to talk about a hotel opening on Innovation Campus in 2021. Brian, what’s the plan for construction?

Brian Beach: Yeah, so, there’s going to be a Marriott Tribute Portfolio hotel that is scheduled to be built in June 2021. It’s going to have 153 rooms, it’s going to be six stories tall, so it’s going to be quite the project out there. This will be the first hotel on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s campus. And, according to the redevelopment plan, this will be built at the intersection of Transformation Drive and N 21st Street on Nebraska Innovation Campus and will be complete with a private dining room, a rooftop bar, a fitness facility. And that fitness facility will actually be open to anyone on campus so they’re really trying to tie in with the campus community in that way.

Another way they’re trying to tie in is by working with the Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management department here at UNL, and they will have 2,600 square feet on the ground floor of the building, which will include faculty offices, a student lounge and conference room. And this will be a great place for them to get a firsthand look at hotel operations, and that’s what I got from speaking with Dan Duncan who is the executive director of Nebraska Innovation Campus.

Gorenflo: Awesome. Thank you, Brian.

Beach: Thank you so much.

Gorenflo: Next we’ll chat with reporter Becca Holladay about the new lululemon that just opened downtown. Becca, what can you tell us?

Becca Holladay: Hi, Grace. On Friday, Oct. 25, lululemon expanded into downtown Lincoln, only minutes away from the campus of the university. Back in fall of 2018, lululemon had opened a seasonal store in the Gateway Mall to gauge community interest in the brand, according to Julie Harris, the Central West U.S. regional manager. They also used the pop-up store as a chance to understand the Lincoln community because Harris made sure to emphasize that the company wants shoppers to have an experience in the store and think of them as a resource, not just a place to spend their money. They exemplify this through their planned classes for the rest of the month of December, which are free.

Gorenflo: Okay, great. Thank you, Becca.

Lastly, reporter Ben Lampman is here to tell us about the implementation of counselors in the residence halls. Ben?

Ben Lampman: Hi. I talked to Jake Johnson, who is the assistant vice chancellor of Student Affairs and he told me the Counselor-in-Residence Program was rolled out in August this year with Megan Lawrence, who is a grad student in the Marriage and Family Therapy program. The [counseling] program was recently given a $93,000 grant by Women Investing in Nebraska on Oct. 16. Johnson said that the department of Student Affairs is going to be looking to expanding this program if all goes well with Abel-Sandoz. Right now, they’re just going a trial run, and at the end of next year into next fall, they’re looking to expand into Harper-Schramm-Smith and the suites, which is the University Suites and [Robert E.] Knoll [Residential Center].

And the reason why they did this is to improve access to counseling and to kind of normalize counseling around residence halls. It was mostly designed so students can just walk right downstairs in their residence hall and be able to talk to somebody. But it also helps so people can watch somebody talk to a therapist or a counselor in, like, a setting that they are normally in, like a dining hall or in the hallway, and be able to see that it’s a normal thing that people do.

Gorenflo: Awesome. Thanks, Ben.

Alright, thank you everyone for tuning in to this week’s podcast. Be sure to check out for more on these stories and even more UNL news. Tune in next time and enjoy Your Week on Campus.