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The April 19 episode of The Daily Nebraskan’s daily news podcast, Your Morning on Campus.

John Grinvalds: Good morning and welcome to The Daily Nebraskan’s daily news podcast. It is Friday, April 19. Your weather for today is sunny with a high of 66 and a low of 40.

I am assistant news editor John Grinvalds, and this is Your Morning on Campus.

In today’s news, we’ll hear about UNL’s 17th ever Truman Scholar, the recipient of the 1st. Lt. Kevin J. Gaspers Memorial Award and a student who’s leading a symposium exploring the intersection of faith and the environment.

First, let’s hear about the Truman Scholar.

Emily Johnson, ASUN president and a junior political science, global studies and Spanish major, was told she is the University of Nebraska’s 17th Truman Scholar on April 8. She said it came as a huge surprise when Chancellor Green told her the news. Johnson had been working on the application since November 2018, and interviewed over spring break. She said she wasn’t expecting to receive the scholarship after the difficult process, but the result reaffirms her desire to dedicate her life to public service.

Next, let’s hear about this memorial award.

Niko Gavino, a junior criminology and criminal justice major, comes from a line of soldiers, and he recently proved his dedication to that legacy by winning the 1st. Lt. Kevin J. Gaspers Memorial Award. The Army ROTC program offers the award to UNL ROTC cadets in honor of 1st. Lt. Kevin Gaspers, a fallen soldier, Hastings native and UNL Army ROTC alumnus.

Gaspers served as an armor officer in the 82nd Airborne Division. While stationed in Iraq in 2007, Gaspers was killed by a suicide bomber. Gavino said he was honored and that he hopes he can live up to Gaspers’ legacy.

Finally, let’s talk about the student-led symposium.

Alex Rousseau, a senior classics and religious studies major, didn’t want to write a 25-paper thesis for his senior capstone that only three would read. He wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and decided to host a panel discussing the relationship between religion and the environment. The event called Our Sacred Earth is on Earth Day, Monday, April 22 from 7 to 9 pm in room 202 in the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center. The first half will consist of Rousseau moderating the discussion between four panelists, who are experts in religion and climatology, and the second half will be a Q&A from the audience.

Alright, thank you to everyone for tuning in to today’s podcast on Friday, April 19. Be sure to check out for more on these stories and even more UNL news. While you’re there, you can also check out our 9-month investigation into Title IX that we published earlier this week. Tune in next week, and enjoy your morning on campus.