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The April 10 episode of The Daily Nebraskan's daily news podcast, Your Morning on Campus.


John Grinvalds: Good morning and welcome to The Daily Nebraskan’s daily news podcast. It is Wednesday, April 10. Your weather for today is cloudy with a high of 68 and a low of 45.

I am assistant news editor John Grinvalds, and this is Your Morning Campus.

In today’s news, we hear about the sexual misconduct allegations against a former Newman Center priest, the impact the organization ACReW has on campus and we answer a Curious Cornhusker question about food you can take out of the dining halls.

Here to guide us through today’s top stories is news reporter Grace Gorenflo. First, tell me about the accusations of sexual misconduct against Leonard Kalin.

Grace Gorenflo: In August 2018, the Diocese of Lincoln announced that deceased Newman Center priest Leonard Kalin, along with other priests, had been accused of sexual misconduct.

Kalin served at the Newman Center from 1970 to 1998 and died in 2008, according to Diocesan Director of Communications Nicholas Kipper. The diocese and Bishop James Conley formed a task force on child sexual abuse in August 2018 to investigate accusations, including those against Kalin. In March 2019, the diocese asked private detective Tom Gorgen to conduct an investigation based on the accusations. Gorgen said he does not know how long the investigation will take, but Kipper said the community will be informed of the results of the investigation.

Grinvalds: Next, let’s hear about ACReW.

Gorenflo: The Association of Campus Religious Workers has existed at UNL since the 1970s. Composed of 30 Christian organizations of various traditions and denominations, ACReW exists so that faith-based ministries, partnerships and churches can exist on UNL’s campus to benefit students, according to Mike Brown, ACReW president and co-director of CityLight U, Citylight Lincoln’s college ministry and member organization of ACReW. The organization isn’t inherently Christian as it partners with groups like Hillel and the Muslim Student Association; it strives to provide spiritual assistance to all students on campus, according to Brown.

Grinvalds: Finally, what am I allowed to take with me from my trip to a dining center?

Gorenflo: A recent Curious Cornhusker question asked the Daily Nebraskan “why can you only take ice cream out of the dining hall?” David Annis, the director of dining services, said this is because of cost and fairness issues. He explains that if a student takes a whole meal out, they are worried it will go to waste or to someone else who does not have a meal plan. Annis also said that dining services is working hard to lengthen the hours of the campus’s dining centers and on-the-go services for students who are studying or working late.

Grinvalds: Alright, thank you to everyone for tuning in to today’s podcast on Wednesday, April 10. Be sure to check out for more on these stories and even more UNL news. Tune in tomorrow and enjoy your morning on campus.