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The April 8 episode of The Daily Nebraskan's daily news podcast, Your Morning on Campus.


Elizabeth Rembert: Good morning and welcome to The Daily Nebraskan’s daily news podcast. It is Monday, April 8. Your weather for today is sunny with a high of 78 and a low of 47.

I am senior news editor Elizabeth Rembert, and this is Your Morning Campus.

In today’s news, we learn about a new way students can rent sporting equipment, we hear about Lincoln’s upcoming mayoral election and the 2019 Bull Fry event.

Here to guide us through today’s top stories is news reporter Grace Gorenflo. So Grace, tell me about this new sporting equipment option for students.

Grace Gorenflo: The welcome desk in the Nebraska Union will begin renting sporting equipment to students on Tuesday, April 9. Association of Students of the University of Nebraska senator Molly Durham enacted this project to create a more welcoming atmosphere at UNL. According to Anna Witte, the Nebraska Unions’ graduate assistant, students will fill out a form to check out the equipment and then return equipment by midnight the same day. Witte said the project will be modified as needed to adapt to people’s demands for equipment and depending on the state of the equipment. Currently, the welcome desk has three frisbees, a soccer ball, a football and a spike ball set.

Rembert: That’ll be a nice resource to have this spring. Next, what can you tell me about Lincoln’s mayoral race and how UNL fits into the candidate’s platforms?

Gorenflo: Lincoln will host a primary for mayoral candidates on Tuesday, April 9. Voters can choose among five different candidates who have various backgrounds in politics. The Daily Nebraskan surveyed the mayoral candidates and asked why they want to be mayor, what they hope to accomplish if elected and how they will help college students. Each candidate is dedicated to serving the Lincoln community, including UNL students. To learn more about each candidate individually, check out the

Rembert: Okay doke, and now let’s learn about how a UNL philanthropy event benefits the community with bull testicles.

Gorenflo: The Residential Housing Association at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln hosted the 23rd annual Bull Fry on April 7 from 12 p.m to 4 p.m at the East Campus Mall. The event, started in 1996 by residents of Burr, Fedde and Love on East Campus, raises money for an individual or family in need of financial assistance while providing fun activities and food for the Lincoln community. The theme of this year’s Bull Fry was a county fair, featuring activities like tug of war, cake walk and Ag Olympics, a series of agriculture-related events like hay bale stacking.  This year’s beneficiary was Nicole Smith, Student Development Coordinator for the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources who was diagnosed with breast cancer in mid-January 2019. Amanda Orr, residence director for Massengale Residential Center, said she feels Smith deserves the funds because she feels she’s done so much for CASNR. Smith said being the beneficiary reminded her that she’s not alone.

Rembert: Alright, thank you to everyone for tuning in to today’s podcast on Monday, April 8. Be sure to check out for more on these stories and even more UNL news. Tune in tomorrow and enjoy your morning on campus.