The mother of an 8-year-old girl who died in a Feb. 21 fire was charged with manslaughter Monday in Lancaster County Court. According to court documents, Diane Good, 33, 5306 W. Wilkins St., was charged with manslaughter less than a week after she was charged for her connection to a Feb. 12 robbery of Brewsky's Food and Spirits, 2662 Cornhusker Highway. Lara Stewart, Good's daughter, died from smoke inhalation after Stewart started a pile of clothes on fire while playing with a lighter at 831 G St., Apt. 4 , at 1:46 a.m., Fire Inspector Jack Bruns said. Bruns said Good had left her children, Stewart and Kenneth Devante Jr., 3, in the care of two teen-agers and went to a friend's house around midnight. According to testimony from the teen-agers, the two were asleep when Good left, and she did not tell them that she was leaving, Bruns said. The court charges that Good caused the death of her daughter by negligently placing Stewart in a situation where she could endanger her health and life and depriving her of care, said Lancaster County Attorney Gary Lacey in a statement. The County Attorney's office also filed a petition in Lancaster County Juvenile Court asking for the court to have jurisdiction on Good's son, Kenneth Devante Jr., claiming that Good did not provide adequate care for her children on the night of the fire, Lacey said. Good's bond for the charge of manslaughter was set at 10 percent of $200,000. Her next court appearance is April 3. Good was arrested on Feb. 28 for accusations she allegedly helped plan and cover up a robbery with David Archie, 30, of the same address as Good. Archie was a former employee of the restaurant. According to court documents, Good allegedly was responsible for disposing the clothes the two men were wearing at the time of the robbery. Archie and Good never entered Brewsky's Food and Spirits during the robbery, Lincoln Police Ofc. Katherine Finnell said. On Feb. 12, two men entered the bar at 10:30 a.m., 30 minutes after the restaurant opened, carrying a handgun and a rifle and demanding money, Finnell said. According to court documents, the two got about $10,500 in cash from the safe. Finnell said police arrested Robert Sanford, 19, 4300 Normal Blvd., on Feb. 17 for allegedly committing the robbery. He was charged with robbery and use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony. The other man has not been arrested, Finnell said.