Karissa Schmidt

Welcome back students, and for those of you who are incoming freshmen, welcome to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. With each new school year comes a time for changes and unexpected turns in your life. 

During my time at UNL, I have endured many different changes, from the length of my hair to my career after I graduate. From those experiences, and many more, I have learned that changes are both inevitable and exhilarating. They make you who you are.

The Daily Nebraskan has also undergone many changes since its inception in 1901, with many of them happening in just the four years I’ve been on staff. When I was a freshman, which was also my first year on staff, The Daily Nebraskan still printed on classic newsprint two times a week. 

The Daily Nebraskan Publications Board recognized the media industry has been rapidly deviating from classic newspapers to more user-friendly formats. After 116 years of printing, the board ultimately decided in 2017 to switch to a news magazine format, creating the publication that we now refer to as The DN. The magazine allows our staff to put more focus on in-depth stories in print while putting our multimedia and social media efforts online. 

Going into my junior year as the senior photo/video editor, the next significant step for The Daily Nebraskan was to integrate even more multimedia coverage. The photo staff started to regularly create videos and post photo galleries while news, sports and culture sections produced a variety of daily, weekly and monthly podcasts. 

This coming year, you will see even fewer issues of The DN, but this doesn’t mean we are going away. This decrease in print publication allows us to publish even more online multimedia content.

We are also welcoming Allen Vaughan as our new general manager this fall as our current manager, Dan Shattil, is retiring after 37 years. During his tenure, Dan made numerous additions to benefit the newsroom. These changes have made The Daily Nebraskan the way it is today. 

As our readers, you can expect more changes to come with the new addition of Allen. He comes from the Des Moines Register and brings many ideas to help The Daily Nebraskan transition into a more digital-focused, reader-driven newsroom.

Change isn’t always easy, but it is necessary to grow. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and allows you to have new experiences. It forces you to adapt to your surroundings and learn more about yourself. Change can be a good thing and isn’t something to be scared of. I challenge you to welcome these changes that come your way throughout your years at UNL and to embrace the new chapters of your life that are ahead. 


Karissa Schmidt