The roaring of Husker fans echoes throughout Memorial Stadium as they wait for the football team to storm onto the field. Alan Parson’s track “Sirius” blares through the speakers as a highlight reel of the team’s victories plays on the big screen. Standing on the sidelines, the students who work for HuskerVision gaze upon an energetic crowd, knowing they were the ones who helped create the atmosphere that is associated with Husker game day.

HuskerVision is a student-run production company that films games and makes highlight reels and graphics for all Husker sports. Other than providing content for the sports teams, HuskerVision gives the students behind the organization the opportunity to earn experience in broadcasting, communications and business.

Junior broadcasting major Olivia Book has been working at HuskerVision for nine months and said she was excited to work with the organization before she began. After visiting HuskerVision’s headquarters on a college visit, she knew it was something she would be interested in doing. 

“I was super nervous to start a new position, but luckily the full-time employees at HuskerVision are super helpful and want to teach you and help you learn,” Book said.

Book said one of her favorite parts of the job is being able to work around people who have as much passion for content creation as she does. She said she is constantly gaining knowledge through her experiences, such as learning how to stream games online and how to operate new equipment and software. 

“I love how much experience you get,” she said. “If you ever want to try or learn a new skill, they will always make sure you have that opportunity.” 

Tyler Rice, a freshman sports media and communication journalism major, who started working at HuskerVision in fall 2018, said his favorite part of the job is working with new technology and having the opportunity to share his work with Husker fans.

“It was just a lot of fun to edit the clips knowing that some of them are mine,” Rice said.

The work HuskerVision employees share with the fans requires adaptability. They have to remain on their toes and be able to transform with a constantly changing environment, which can be difficult according to Book. 

“I think something that is challenging about the job is you aren’t doing one position all year,” Book said. “Your job is constantly changing with different sports you work in. While that is part of why it’s so fun to work at HuskerVision, it also challenges you to get good at multiple skills.”

Rice said a challenge for him is the time commitment that comes with tedious tasks, like making graphics and editing footage. He also highlighted the fun, yet strenuous nature of game day. 

“It takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of time,” he said. “During the game, we have to be on our toes the entire time. It’s pretty stressful at times, but still pretty fun I think.”

In the end, while it might be stressful for both students, they said through HuskerVision, they can strengthen skills they will use in the future. Book said working for HuskerVision gives her a head-start on earning experience she will need for her future in sports broadcasting. 

“Working on a sports production crew at HuskerVision is very similar to how things would run for a professional sports team,” Book said. “I have an experience that most wouldn’t get the opportunity to have until after college.”

Rice said he is able to gain more self-discipline by spending endless hours working on highlight reels and graphics. He also said HuskerVision teaches him to remain patient in chaotic times, like when soundboards in the command center crash. But the challenges he faces come with a positive; they provide him with new editing and production skills, and many new friends he wouldn’t have met if he didn’t join the organization.

“[HuskerVision] pushes you to meet new people,” he said. “We have 50 workers and a lot of them are rookie freshmen and sophomores, so I’ve met a lot of really awesome people.” 

Both students said they are aware that the content they create is important to the fans, and it makes them excited to create even more. For Book, it’s interesting to be a student in the stands and also have knowledge about the videos the fans see on the big screen. 

“It feels really cool to know you are helping to create a good fan experience and smooth production of Husker games,” Book said. “I like being a fan in the stands, but I really like getting a chance to have a bigger role.”