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Life 101: taking tips from imaginary college

  • Elizabeth Polles
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Why go to a college where you're going to run up thousands of dollars of debt, spend every night swilling keg beer, go to class just enough to barely pass and be fed useless information to get a degree you won't use, when you can get the real facts and a degree at a fraction of the cost from a university you can hold in your hand?This is the concept behind "University of Psychogenic Fugue: A Course Catalog for Students of Life" by Tye R. Farrell and Jeffrey Morrow."What the heck is Psychogenic Fugue?" you ask.According to the back cover of the book, it is a psychological condition now called "disassociative fugue," where people think they are something other than themselves."Consequently," it says, "Psychogenic Fugue is a state of mind that doesn't exist."The book is a parody college course catalog, written in a style similar to the satirical newspaper The Onion.It offers "degrees" in 15 majors, including glamour, love, spirituality, suburban science, travel, ethics and generally accepted science.In each of these categories are the descriptions of over 375 courses whose subject matter college students supposedly care about.The book takes shots at just about every college institution and policy.Boards and committees, campus facilities, admissions, financial aid, academic policies, student clubs, athletic teams and, of course, the greek system are all lampooned.Most of the time, Farrell and Morrow are alarmingly correct in their hilarious analyses, especially from the commonly cynical point of view of college students."University of Psychogenic Fugue" offers such courses as "Travel 277: Tripping," which really has nothing to do with travel, unless it's being done while under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.In "Suburban Science 548: Guide to Small Towns," students will find the answers to such common questions as why do small town people dream about fantastic modern stores and restaurants, then complain about them after they come?Courses are also offered in such riveting subjects as prostitution, drug dealing, how to obtain true happiness and Satan's influence on the world of art.If you're easily offended, this book probably isn't for you.But if you like to make fun of everything and everyone and you've been through at least one semester of college, "University of Psychogenic Fugue" could change your life, or at least provide a good hour of laughs.

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