Ben Larsen

Dear reader,

By my senior year, I thought I’d have a prestigious internship at some large political consulting firm.

I never thought I’d spend most of time in an office that looks like it’s straight out of the ‘70s, editing news articles.

Although college is a time for monumental changes and a litany of novel experiences, I doggedly clinged to the plan I had for myself, that I’d study political science and leap straight into the political world following graduation.

My major remains unchanged, but the trajectory of my college career has not.

I arrived at The Daily Nebraskan my sophomore year with no idea of how a newsroom operates, or even what a lede is.

The only person I knew, other than a columnist I worked on a campaign with, was the editor who recruited me.

This job has blossomed to become what may be perhaps the best I’ll ever have, for one simple reason: I love telling stories.

As humans, we’re fundamentally social creatures. We especially delight in hearing and telling tales.

At The Daily Nebraskan, we strive to fulfill that human need by reporting the stories of the wonderous, everyday individuals you pass on the way to class or in the dining hall.

Even on nights with three breaking news articles and a bevy of late pieces, I nonetheless am thankful for the chance to provide some small part of letting people’s stories be heard.

In this edition of The DN, you’ll find stories of ghost hunters seeking the supernatural in Neihardt, graduate assistants trying to make ends meet and Jerald Foster’s journey with the Huskers.

I hope you enjoy reading this edition as much as I enjoyed editing it.

Best regards,

Ben Larsen

Managing editor

This letter was originally published in the October 2018 edition of The DN.