John Grinvalds

In 2017, I mosied into The Daily Nebraskan’s office, expecting to write quaint articles about recognized student organizations and small happenings at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Instead, I got to wade through the torrent of controversies flooding the campus — from the protest of a Turning Point USA recruitment booth to the threats of a self-avowed white nationalist student.

News writing is sort of like fishing — sometimes you wait until the quiet monotony lulls you to sleep; sometimes there are so many fish your boat can’t hold them all. And if last year taught me anything, it’s that I needed a bigger boat.

There is no doubt that the 2017-18 academic year was tumultuous. There were budget cuts. There was anger, fear and confusion.

But there was also love, hope and clarity. The phrase “Hate Will Never Win” is emblazoned on black shirts owned by thousands of UNL students, faculty and staff members. Together, the student body defied forces that pull us toward hate and polarization with a strength stronger than gravity.

In its quest to increase diversity and inclusion on campus, the UNL administration recently announced that Marco Barker will be the university’s first vice chancellor of diversity and inclusion, a story covered in this magazine.

And as the article on Pastor Adam White’s “Rant to Me About Religion” article shows us, anger and hatred cannot outlast an open mind and a loving heart.

Sure, we have a long way to go. The article on architecture students shows us that many areas of society still lack diversity.

We have lots of fish to fry, but we’re all in this boat together. As we look back on 2018 and begin this new year, I think we have a chance to make this a truly remarkable year.

With love,

John Grinvalds

Assistant news editor

This piece was originally published in the January 2019 edition of The DN.