One more block on a Nebraska linebacker or one less blown coverage in the secondary and California Coach Tom Holmoe thought Saturday's 45-0 loss to Nebraska could have been a lot different ball game.Eliminating little mistakes - two missed field goals, three turnovers, 14 penalties and several other mental and physical breakdowns - were what Holmoe stressed to his team after the loss."It's amazing how little things make all the difference in the world," Holmoe said. "The little things add up very quickly against Nebraska. When you come in here, you have to play flawless. We didn't."One example of a little thing becoming a big thing was a screen pass to running back Joe Igber on Cal's second series, Holmoe said. Igber looked liked he had a wide open path to the end zone and then all of a sudden, NU middle linebacker Carlos Polk came out of nowhere to make a touchdown-saving tackle."One of our linemen was supposed to cut block Polk, but he thought (the play) was over," Holmoe said. "You just can't take anything for granted against a team like this. If he would have done what he was assigned to do, it would have been a touchdown."That play, along with a missed 35-yard field goal by Ignacio Brache on the next play took some wind out of the Bears, Holmoe said."I think we should have had a touchdown and two field goals in the first half," Holmoe said. "It's hard because you work for those points. They aren't going to give them to you very much. If you don't come away with points when you get an opportunity, you might not get another one."As disheartening as the little mistakes were for the Bear offense, they were particularly difficult to swallow for the defense, which held NU to 114 rushing yards, 15 first downs (four by penalty) and 187 yards passing.Holmoe said he was proud of his defense's effort against the run but said a couple mistakes contributed to NU's points."The idea wasn't that we were going to give away the pass," Holmoe said in reference to Tracey Wistrom's 70-yard touchdown reception and Eric Crouch's 60-yard touchdown catch. "We just had a couple of breakdowns. That's too bad because we were playing them pretty tough on the line of scrimmage. Things could have been a little different."The difference was the big play. You can't be satisfied with holding Nebraska's rushing yards down. We didn't come in here to do that. We came in here to win the game."Another thing that might have made a difference was the loss of inside linebacker Matt Beck, one of the defense's leaders, to a sprained foot in the first quarter of the game. But Holmoe said Beck's loss wasn't a major factor."It was hard to lose Matt," Holmoe said. "Juan Jimenez came in and did a great job. He played super. I don't think Juan Jimenez had anything to do with the big plays. I know he didn't.""Twelve bad plays - four really bad ones," said senior inside linebacker Keith Miller shaking his head."It's tough to play a perfect game but that is what we strive for. You have to play a perfect game against these guys. Those four big plays killed us."As for whom the Bears felt was the better NU quarterback, they wouldn't pick one. However, Miller did offer his opinion about the situation."I am seeing more and more teams go with two quarterbacks and it is working for them," said Miller, who made six tackles. "It is working for these guys so far and I would continue it. They both play very hard."They are a running team and if they are going to run the ball, keep Newcombe in there and teach him how to pitch every once in a while."If Newcombe were in the game, we knew he was going to keep it and if Crouch was in, he probably was going to pitch it. Newcombe likes to keep it, and you key on that. Crouch runs very hard. I will give him that. He is a very hard runner and I respect that."