Joshua Gillin is a sophomore news-editorial and English major.Court show a travesty of justice

Whenever I talk to friends who plan on becominglawyers, I can't help but think of my first experience withthe law.How the judge glared angrily from the bench. How thesullen group of spectators stared vacantly at the plaintifffrom behind the court. How the bailiff (Rusty, I believe)stood quietly next to the flag of California. And how DougLlewelyn, Mr. Bouffant himself, asked for the plaintiff'sreaction after she won.I'm talking, of course, about "The People's Court."Everyone (except for my roommate) has seen it at leastonce, I'm sure. It's that show that always has some pair (ormore) of idiots from California who "have agreed to droptheir court cases and settle their dispute here, in ourforum." Or something like that.It's that show that always had something about a doggone bad. "His dog bit my child, your honor," a plaintiffwould say. "I want the mongrel put to sleep!" they'd cry. Nomention of the fact that the kid was lighting the poor pup'stail on fire. Isn't a leash good enough?Sometimes they'd have cases about fights. "So when Ikicked in her front door," a man would say, "she hit me inthe head with a bottle." Lifting up his hair, he would say,"I had to get 463 stitches. I want $2,000." Gee, if someonekicked in my door and rushed in, I'm sure I'd find somethingbigger than a bottle to hit him with.Who doesn't smirk at the mere mention of the honorablejudge Joseph Wapner? How the man ever got on the bench, I'llnever know.Has anyone ever seen a ruder or more egotistical man?He treated everyone like complete scum. No one in his"court" seemed to be worth his time or energy. Of course, ifI were stuck working for that travesty of justice, I'dprobably be angry, too.Wapner was under a lot of pressure, though. How manyjudges do you know who can solve two cases in a half-hour?And I'm sure the illiterate weirdos who would come infrazzled his nerves just a tiny bit.I'd watch this little chunk of American justice at workafter school every day, but the only thing I'd ever reallypay attention was how close Wapner came to telling everyoneto shut up. That's probably the only reason I'd watch ittoday.That, and to give Doug some tips on hair styling.

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