As a part of our Curious Cornhuskers initiative, an anonymous reader asked The Daily Nebraskan, “How does the university decide the order for who gets to enroll for classes first?”

Leslie Reed, public affairs director for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, said the order primarily starts with seniors and descends to freshmen. She said seniors have the opportunity to start first because it is more critical for them to get their required classes in before graduation. 

“Priority registration lasts 12 business days, and we give members of the student body appointments so that we can manage the traffic on the system,” Reed said. 

Of the 12 days, which started Monday, seniors get the first three days and then each successive year gets the next three days of priority registration. Incoming freshmen go through a separate process of registration through New Student Enrollment.

Within each group, there are some exceptions that allow certain students to get an earlier priority registration. 

These students include those in the University Honors Program, as they get the added benefit of selecting classes early on. Students who are active military, veterans or athletes also have access to earlier priority registration in order to pick classes that accommodate their circumstances. 

As far as the order of other students within each year, Reed said there is no sorting process to choose who goes first. Everyone is selected randomly for their appointment dates.