Six weeks into the semester, this school thing may be getting a little stressful. The excitement of a new school year has worn off for many, and midterm season is approaching. Ergo, it’s time for some fun. 

On Sept. 30, the University Program Council will host Yung Gravy as the headliner for this year’s homecoming concert. The event will begin at 8 p.m. at the Lied Center for Performing Arts with EVAN GIIA as the opening act. Tickets are free for all University of Nebraska-Lincoln students.

According to Victoria Wehrman, junior hospitality, restaurant and tourism management major and UPC Nebraska president, Yung Gravy is the biggest artist they have had since she started at the university. She said fun was first in mind when planning the event.

“When it comes to the homecoming concert, our mission is to entertain,” Wehrman said. “It’s taking student fees and using them for something the students want. It’s important to be able to provide those fun things, especially for free, for the student body.”

Wehrman said the artist chosen to headline the homecoming concert is based on who the students want to see and which artists are available at their price point. She said Yung Gravy checked all the boxes.

“We sent out a couple of surveys to hear from the student body what kind of concert they want to see,” Wehrman said. “This year, it was a pretty close split between pop and hip hop. [Yung Gravy] was a good intersection between those two genres, and because he’s so popular on TikTok, he reaches more people.”

UPC Nebraska is expecting this to be one of their most attended homecoming concerts, according to Wehrman. She said they have seen a large amount of attention given to the event on social media compared to past events. 

“Our social media posts for this event have garnered a lot more interaction than any of our homecoming announcements in the past,” Wehrman said. “Just because of that, I am expecting this to be a larger concert than the ones in the past.”

The post announcing Yung Gravy received over 2,000 likes on UPC Nebraska’s Instagram page. In the same post, UPC Nebraska announced a contest for five select students to win a meet and greet with Yung Gravy. Carter Bautch, a sophomore broadcasting major, is one of the students chosen for the meet and greet. While he said he has never been a huge fan of Yung Gravy, he has definitely won some bragging rights. 

“It’s definitely going to be a cool opportunity,” Bautch said. “I’ve already got friends coming up to me about it, asking me if I can have [Yung Gravy] sign things for them. I don’t think I’ll be starstruck, but I think it’ll be cool to meet a guy who everyone looks up to.”

Since this event is funded by student fees, it’s strictly for UNL students. All attendees will be required to show their UNL Event Pass along with a “building access granted” Safer Community app status. 

Wehrman said she is looking forward to seeing students come together for this event. As an upperclassman, Wehrman felt that all upperclassmen had lost some of their college experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She said she’s excited to see some normalcy for this event. 

“I’m excited to see the student body together again,” Wehrman said. “Being able to be in groups in the safest way we are able to provide right now; I think it feels normal. It feels like a little bit of real life, which is refreshing.”