Sami Lyons models her Dopey Halloween costume in the garden in front of Love Library on Thursday, Oct. 25, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Halloween sneaks up on people, which makes it hard to find a costume when you have virtually no time between classes, jobs and a social life. Wanting to have a creative and respectable costume for Halloween is often the goal, but that doesn't make it any less of a challenge.

Coming up with a costume idea quickly and executing it well seems nearly impossible. Sometimes, you want your costume to be scary, while other times, you want it to be funny. Regardless of the style, you want your costume to catch people’s attention. Depending on your mood and what you want your costume to accomplish, here are some tips and tricks to help you create your best, last-minute Halloween costume yet.

In order to save money, try to wear clothes you already own. For example, I wore a cute cheer skirt that I bought for football season. Pair that with a black tube top, and you have a cheerleader outfit without spending any money at a high-priced Halloween store. Try looking through your closet first to get ideas before looking them up on the Internet, you’d be surprised by how many homemade costumes you have in your everyday wardrobe. If you only have some elements of a costume in your closet, don’t be hesitant to search for the rest at a thrift store.

Focus on your makeup if you are going for a scary vibe this Halloween. Makeup is a go-to accessory and style, and it makes it easy to get in the Halloween spirit without a costume. Go for darker colors in rich palettes and don’t be afraid to make it strong and dramatic. After all, it is Halloween. If you want to be a vampire, you can wear black jeans with a black tank top, but do a dark, bold eye with bright red lips and fake blood to add to your overall look.

If you want to make people laugh this Halloween, try to dress like a character or celebrity you resemble. It seems as though these types of costumes get one of the best reactions by making the people around you laugh. Another route to try if you want to be funny is to dress up as puns. People can dress up as bags of ice and bring a fake baby to play off of the phrase “ice ice baby,” or they can dress up with cereal boxes glued onto their dress while holding a knife to be a “cereal killer.” Playing with these phrases can give a funny and unexpected twist to traditional costumes.

If comfort level is your number one priority, I have the perfect trick for you. If you want to go in a big group of friends, buy oversized T-shirts in different colors. The possibilities are endless with this option. You can put a big “S” on the front of each shirt and be Skittles, or you can put an “S” and a “P” on white and black shirts and be salt and pepper. My personal favorite is dressing up as the Seven Dwarfs and having the T-shirt colors correspond with the characters’ names.

Halloween is a night most people look forward to, but sometimes that excitement is overcome by stress and nerves when getting a costume slips your mind. Whipping together a costume last-minute can be hard, but if you try to focus on one thing you want your costume to achieve, it can be easy to focus on that and go from there.