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The meal budget of a college student has been known to be dismal and mediocre at best. But contrary to popular belief, students don’t have to live on mac and cheese and ramen in order to keep the budget down. There are many places in Lincoln where students can get fresh produce for cheap prices, a few of which are listed below from highest to lowest in price.

Open Harvest Co-op Grocery Store, 1618 South St.

The environment of Open Harvest is much like that of it’s expensive counterpart, Whole Foods. Featured in the store is sustainability posters, rows of fresh produce and smells of local Nebraskan products like an array of vegetables, fruits, cheese and meats. 

While this store is on the pricier side of things, it’s regular sales and extensive coupons make their quality ingredients more affordable. A few of their regular sales include fresh deals, co-op deals and owner deals.

Along with their immense number of local produce, Open Harvest also hosts many events, such as self-care and wellness salons and grill outs. Also, because it is a co-op — which means it has many partners and vendors working together to run the store — they openly post details on their staff, internal reports and more. The store’s goal is to provide access to healthy, organic and local food, support economic justice, strengthen the local economy, uphold inclusive social practice and much more. 

The Haymarket Farmers’ Market, 7th, 8th and Canopy streets

Every Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to  noon, until Oct.12, the Lincoln Haymarket will bustle with vendors from farms all over the state who come together to sell their products. Because these products are all grown, baked or made by small business owners, many of the stands are cash only. However, the prices at the Haymarket Farmers Market cannot be beat. Because of the variety of goods, an entire grocery run could be completely at the Farmers’ Market alone. 

Walking through the streets of downtown’s Haymarket, there’s everything from root vegetables and microgreens, fresh meat and preserves, to crafts and homemade baked goods and breads. Also, prices tend to be very reasonable. Because of the amount of competition between vendors, and the fact that the owners are oftentimes present, prices are always affordable and usually flexible. 

Canopy Street Market, 140 S Canopy St., Suite A

Also located in the Haymarket, Canopy Street Market is a full-service, locally owned, one stop grocery store with produce, meat products, pre-made meals and more. This shop is owned by a woman who hails from Imperial. 

A majority of the products this grocery sells are completely local, including some more rare ingredients like locally farmed shrimp from Carleton. Also, this grocery store is even more affordable as it has a 10% off student discount on Saturdays.

Aldi 8350 O St. and Super Saver 233 N. 48th St

Sometimes, it’s just not feasible to get to the farmers’ market or grocery stores that aren’t open late. And in those cases, it’s almost unavoidable to go to some larger chain stores. However, when looking for a balance of quality of products and price, Aldi and Super Saver can’t be beat because the pricing is regularly very low. 

While Super Saver has an abundance of meats and deli, Aldi covers the vegetable and fruit department. While neither of these stores carry largely local produce, it is still possible to buy organic produce at both locations.