Fall has started and with that comes the urge to buy new decorations. Being a college student, it can be difficult to justify buying decorations due to their high prices. I’ve compiled a small list of three cheap and easy DIY projects to give your home the fall feel on a budget.

Decorative Candles

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love candles, especially when fall rolls around? The scents of pumpkin and autumn leaves fill one's home, bringing the sensation of warmth. While many stores have fun jar candles, here’s a way to give them that extra flare they are missing.

First, get a cheap jar candle or a regular decoration candle. Next, gather the decorations you want to use. I suggest using cinnamon sticks, twigs or leaves. Then, you’ll need some glue. Hot glue works the best, but super glue would work as well. Lastly, take the decorations of choice and glue them around the candle. For the twigs and cinnamon, place upright and glue them in a circle around the candle. For the leaves, glue them on the candle or jar in any manner you desire. 

This DIY is priced around $15 to $30 depending on how many of the materials you already have available. 

Potion Jars

For the inner witch, having decorations that reflect a magical feeling makes all the difference during autumn, and potion jars are an easy bookshelf accessory. This simple project is one that I see people doing all the time and can be adapted to fit with your personal style.

First, obtain a potion jar. I would recommend going to Michaels because they always have cheap jars. While you're there, you can also pick up some glitter; make sure to get a color of glitter that you are going to be able to see through the food coloring you pick. Next, get some light corn syrup and water. Fill three-fourths of the jar with water and the other one-fourth with the light corn syrup. Add the food coloring and glitter to the mixture to your satisfaction. Stir until there are no chunks, and decorate the outside if you would like. I like to add spooky items like fake eyeballs and some fake flowers to give it an extra witchy aesthetic. 

The cost of this DIY can be $15 to $30. I recommend going to a craft store to get the materials at a discounted price.

Fall Banner 

Lastly, the easiest way to spice up your home is to add decorative elements to the upper levels. One of the ways to do this is seasonal banners that you can easily make and put up. 

To get started, all you need is some string, different colors of construction paper and scissors. First and foremost, think of a shape you want to cut out. Leaves, skulls or witch hats are just a few ideas to get you started. If you want to make it more detailed, I suggest layering different colors of construction paper to give it depth. Then, cut out a hole in each shape, preferably at the top or bottom depending on the shape. Lastly, thread the string through each shape, space them evenly and hang up the banner. If you want more of a comfy feel, add some fairy lights as well. 

This DIY will cost around $5 to $15 and won’t take very many materials.

With these three easy DIYs, anyone can make their home have the fall feel without breaking their budget.