Sexiest Man Alive

John Legend, the multifaceted singer, actor and philanthropist with vocal cords of gold, was recently named PEOPLE Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2019. There’s no doubt the crooner’s skin-tight, pastel suits and kind-hearted personality make him an alluring individual, but the Daily Nebraskan Culture staff has some differing opinions on who shall be the definitive czar of all things seductive.

Anne Walter, Culture reporter

I think the sexiest man alive is Kim Taehyung, known as V, from Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS), the Korean musical group. Visually, Taehyung is very appealing, and he has been shown to “have the perfect male face angle.” However, that is not why I personally find Taehyung attractive; rather, Taehyung’s personality accentuates his attractiveness the most. He is extremely attentive to details, and demonstrates care to the others in his group. He appreciates the small things in life and is not afraid to work hard, laugh at himself and have a good time.

Johnna Sisneros, Culture reporter

The sexiest man alive has got to be Jason Momoa. His rugged good looks and athletic stature, offset by an incredible velvet voice, clearly sets him apart as the sexiest man of our generation. Not to mention, he is a faithful husband to his wife of nearly three years. In this day and age, finding a man who is both incredibly attractive and a good person is like finding a unicorn in a haystack. Not to mention, he is an avid activist for Native American rights and environmental sustainability. Tall, broodingly and rough features, a moral compass and political activism check all the boxes, so much so that I’d wager God himself couldn’t recreate a more perfect human specimen twice over. 

Hunter Arias, assistant Culture editor

Of course, male sexiness is subjective. Each person will undoubtedly have a different set of criteria when determining the sex appeal of a man, and as a straight dude, my opinion obviously isn’t nearly as valid as a straight woman or a gay guy. Regardless, I tend to focus on three factors when judging sexiness — the intensity of one’s passion, one’s confidence and how likely one is to understand a pop culture reference. This leads to an obvious answer: Billy Eichner. Not only is he nonthreatening to women because of his sassy, gay nature, but his intensity is unmatched across anyone in the pop culture sphere. If I were approached and subsequently yelled at by Billy on the street, I just might swallow my tongue in infatuation.

Haley Elder, assistant Culture editor

Personally, I believe Robert De Niro is the sexiest man alive. Aside from being an incredible actor, the man has aged like a fine wine. From the low voice to the deep, serious eyes, I could not ask for much more when it comes to describing my dream man. I grew up watching movies like “Meet the Fockers,” which started my love for the man. Since then, his hair color has gotten a little brighter and his forehead creases may have gotten a little deeper, but he is still just as appealing as ever.

Libby Schilz, Culture reporter 

I don’t judge based off of looks alone. Like everyone should, I base the sexiest man on their passion, their work and their heart. I’m gonna be weird here and go with two. For the 30s and over group, I’m going with Zachary Levi. Not only is he good looking, but he’s got a smile that could brighten anyone’s day. His passion for his art always shines in the roles that he does, plus he’s a really great singer. For someone closer to my age, I’ve gotta go with Tom Holland. This man is the embodiment of what it means to be the sexiest man alive. He’s possibly got one of the biggest hearts in the industry, with him taking his time to visit kids in hospitals as Spider-Man, the time he takes into his roles and being an inspiration for so many people, he’s for sure got a good chance of this award in the future.