Lana Del Ray

Lana Del Rey took a short Lincoln soiree on Nov. 5 while on her way to a show in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, for The Norman F***ing Rockwell! Tour. Luckily for superfans, Lana didn’t spend her night cooped up in her room at the Haymarket’s Graduate Lincoln hotel — she spent the night out on the town, and many Lincolnites leapt at the opportunity to befriend the icon. However, The Daily Nebraskan’s Culture section was too busy tending to our newspaper-induced finger slices to snag a photo with Lana. So, the only thing we can do now is pull ourselves off the floor, cry a little bit more and ask ourselves, “how do you feel about not meeting Lana Del Rey?”

Anne Walter, Culture reporter

Personally, I don’t really listen to Lana Del Rey, except when she was featured in the song “Don’t Call Me Angel” with Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus. That was the second time I had heard about her, the other time being in an Instagram post. Her appearance in Lincoln didn’t make me ecstatic. I think if I had a chance to meet her, I would have gone just to say I had been there, or to see if I could get her autograph to sell it online.

Haley Elder, assistant Culture editor

The 12 year old inside of me died that night. 

After years of sobbing in my room to Lana’s sweet, sad tunes on Tumblr, I have exhausted every bit of emotion that I could ever have toward her. I was numb to the idea that Lana Del Rey, someone I had once cared so deeply for, was just blocks away from my home. 

Mark Champion, senior Culture editor

To be honest, I am ruined. I thought that following every Lana Del Rey blog and acquainting myself with enough of her second cousins would guarantee myself a chance to meet the angelic singer, but somehow her Lincoln escapade completely evaded me. I had no idea she was here until I saw the selfies rolling in. It seemed like everyone I know got a chance to get those three short names written on their copy of “Born to Die,” but all four of my vinyl copies of the album woke up today despairingly bare of any permanent marker lines. Will I ever recover? 

Hunter Arias, assistant Culture editor

It’s honestly amazing that Lana has been so popular for so long. It seems like just yesterday I was in middle school, mourning the slow decline of pop music, trying to understand how anyone could really get into the scheming, droney pandering that is Lana’s music. Especially “Honeymoon.” It’s like a 50s movie soundtrack that doesn’t go anywhere. So no, it doesn’t really bug me that I didn’t get to meet Lana. I will say though, “Norman F***ing Rockwell!” wasn’t bad. It kind of reminded me of a slower, more orchestral Joni Mitchell.

David Berman, Culture reporter

I’m not a huge Lana fan myself, but one of my close friends who is a big fan did get to meet her. So in that way, I basically did meet her.

Libby Schilz, Culture reporter

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Lana. I’m sure she’s great and everything and I applaud her for her work ethic, but I’m not upset that I missed a chance to meet her. I don’t even know if I know any of her music. But I’m truly sorry to the fans who weren’t able to meet her. I understand what it’s like being so close to meeting one of your favorite people and then have the opportunity not happen. During my freshman year, I missed meeting Demi Lovato by an hour and I was heartbroken.