Fall break mindset

As the week comes to a close and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s fall break comes around, students prepare to take a break from the busy life of a college student. Whether the stress stems from midterms or just student life in general, this four-day weekend appears to be more than needed for many, including The Daily Nebraskan Culture section. Members of the Culture staff decided to share their own plans for the break, whether it is exploring the concrete jungle or catching up on some z’s. 

David Berman, Culture Reporter

For fall break, I’m getting back in the New York groove and heading to the Big Apple. One doesn’t need a reason to go to the city that never sleeps, but I have a few. My grandparents live in Manhattan, and my sister is visiting grad schools on the East Coast. So my family is spending our fall break in the metro area. I’m also very excited to attend a recording of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Hopefully, I’ll see some of the most famous sites New York City has to offer like the Statue of Liberty, the Met and, of course, pizza rat.

Mark Champion, Senior Culture Editor

I’ve recently developed an incessant eye twitching that WebMD said is due to exhaustion and fatigue. This being said, this fall break should probably involve rest and relaxation. However, that sounds boring. So, I think I’m going to drive to Colorado and try to camp in the mountains. Do I know anything about camping? Not really. Are bears much bigger than I am? Yes. It should be fun. 

Sabrina Broderick, Assistant Culture Editor

As graduation looms over me like my favorite poltergeist during sleep paralysis, I will be escaping my life and traveling to Kansas City, Missouri. This is a quest with my best friend to see if this is a place she wants to live after our impending doom in May. I am currently unaware of what I will be doing for the 24-hour-extravaganza in Missouri, but that is what spur of the moment trips are all about, right? The rest of the break will be spent catching up on Netflix, and maybe even going out for some ice cream, because why not?

Haley Elder, Culture Reporter

I do not have anything fun planned for fall break. I am sad. I am tired. I want to sleep forever, and hopefully, I will get a chance to do that on my days off. That is all.

Audrey Hertel, Assistant Culture Editor

Like my fellow colleague Mark, I have been a bit tired recently — not to the point of eye twitching though. Therefore, I will spend most of my fall break chilling out and maybe turning on the TV in my living room for the first time this semester. And I think I read somewhere that cleaning is a nice form of catharsis, so maybe tackling the mountain of dirty clothes that has been sitting in my room for a month will help me on my way toward revitalization. Oh, and since it is spooky season, I’m going to try to carve a couple pumpkins and watch all of the Halloweentown movies to get hyped for my favorite day of the year. 

Johnna Sisneros, Culture Reporter

My fall break starts with my birthday on Friday, where I plan to get sushi with some friends and see a movie. Then, it will continue with a fun photo assignment covering the swim meet at the Devaney Sports Center. After that, I plan on relaxing at home with my mom and brother in Omaha. The most exciting thing I have planned is probably trying out some new recipes I’ve been researching and going to some yoga classes at the YMCA. 

Lisa van Donk, Culture Reporter

For fall break, I’ll be going back home to my parents. They like to go on walks, and I regularly join them when I’m back home. A few months ago, they found a new trail and have been wanting to show it to me, so that’s one path we’ll trek together this time. I also like cooking with my mom, so I was thinking about sending her some ideas of what I’d like to cook (and eat) when I’m back like meatloaf or dumplings. Besides those things, I convinced myself I will take this break as an opportunity to catch up on my textbook readings, but something tells that being studious will slip my mind.

Kirsten Wandrey, Culture Reporter

No exciting trips are in my future this fall break, but I will be heading back to my old stomping grounds of West Omaha. Hopefully this trip back home will involve lots of cozy snuggling with my cats and seeing friends back in town for their coinciding fall breaks. I’m also scheming how to finally convince my little sister to get around to knitting me my promised head wrap for this coming chilly weather. And of course before I go, I must embark on a required outing to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch before heading back to Lincoln for another round of school-induced stress.