Unfortunately, everyone's favorite cheap clothing store might be done for good. Forever 21, a reasonably priced trendy clothing store, has filed for bankruptcy. With expected closures of around one third of their stores, the future seems bleak. So, the Daily Nebraskan Culture staff sat down and wrote about their feelings, dreaming of a time when Forever 21 was the go-to store for the latest fashion. 

Sabrina Broderick, assistant Culture editor

As a teen, I was never one to really get into the hype of Forever 21. All my friends spoke about how cute the pieces were and how it was an affordable clothing option. When I came to college, I started looking at how much money I was spending, and I realized my dollar went further within the walls of Forever 21. When I heard of the bankruptcy, I was sad, but not surprised. Though some clothing items were great quality, others fell apart within a few runs through the washing machine. At the end of the day, Forever 21 just isn't what it used to be. Teens and young adults have known this for years, but now it's starting to show.

David Berman, Culture reporter

You know, I don’t really care about Forever 21. I’m sure I’ve been there at least a few times when I was dragged to the mall as a young child to shop with my mom and sister. I really have no impressions, good or bad, about the now-defunct store. But I’ll still pour one out for all the devastated teenagers who have lost their favorite shopping spot. 

Libby Schilz, Culture reporter

I’ve hardly shopped at Forever 21, and every time I did, I never found anything I enjoyed or fit in. My world isn’t ruined by this news. However, I know that there are a lot of people who enjoyed the store, and I feel for them. It’s never easy seeing something you love be taken away. Hopefully, everyone will find a new spot that can fill Forever 21’s void, and hopefully, the employees can find new jobs quickly.

Haley Elder, Culture reporter

I used to shop at Forever 21 all the time in middle school. I can recall countless trips where my mom dropped me off, and I met up with my besties at Forever 21. It was the spot. It really helped form my sense of style back then. From floral dresses to skinny jeans, I knew I could always find what I needed at Forever 21. As I have grown up I no longer shop there. Although Forever 21 is not for me anymore, It’s sad to see a part of my childhood die off. 

Mark Champion, senior Culture editor

I’m with Dave.

Jenna Thompson, Culture reporter

I understand the criticism a lot of people give Forever 21 and think that their complaints about the flashy clothes and obscure graphic tees are valid. All this being said, I have more than a few items of clothing from Forever 21 in my closet. For a while, I rallied behind Forever 21 as a cautious shopper, despite the remarks my friends would make about how chaotic the designs were, telling them they just had to dig and keep their eyes open for good finds. As the store’s style grew more extreme, this became very difficult to do. Finally, I just decided it would be best to keep my treasure trove of graphic tees and scratchy jeans a secret. I’m not surprised that they’re closing, but I’m a little disappointed. I’m guessing there are more closeted Forever 21 lovers like me who have the same feelings.

Anne Walter, Culture reporter

I bought some items at Forever 21 almost a year ago, and I’ve really enjoyed them since. While I’m sad to see such an interesting store leave, I’m not that upset since I’m able to purchase those exact styles online for a cheaper price, and I don’t have to go to the mall and spend hours out of the house.