Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, students have been practicing social distancing in the safety of their own homes. The Daily Nebraskan asked students what new hobbies they have started since the University of Nebraska-Lincoln moved all in-person classes to online

Molly Houser, sophomore graphic design and advertising & public relations double major

Hobby: Crafting, specifically macrame decor 

“I have always loved decorating my room and I’ve been wanting to have a macrame decor, but I didn’t want to spend the money on one. So I just decided to learn how to make one, I love making crafts. I wouldn’t say someone inspired me, but maybe more-so helped me learn how to achieve that craft. My favorite part is how satisfying and relaxing it is to make them. I like to put on some music and just do my thing.” 

Rae Seier, freshman communication studies major

Hobby: Listening to podcasts, specifically “Fighting for Joy” and “Yes” 

“I started listening to these podcasts because someone recommended it to me. I would recommend these to anyone who is struggling, especially with dealing with the loss of a loved one and how to move forward in a painful time.”

Mary Underwood, junior culinary science major 

Hobby: Bread-making and board games 

“Baking is something I’ve always wanted to try and it’s cheaper than buying store-bought bread in the long run. I start with a basic recipe and then alter flavors as I feel like it. As of right now, my favorite board game is “Villainous” because each player has their own way to win and each player plays those characters differently, so there is a lot of variety.”

Allison Glaser, freshman communication sciences and disorders major 

Hobby: Journaling 

“I have been doing two types of journaling. I was gifted two journals as a highschool graduation gift. The first journal is called “The Contentment Journal” by Rachel Cruze. It is a daily journal that I have been enjoying because it makes me think of things that I love about myself and what I am grateful for. The second journal is for my religious growth and bible studies. I was inspired to start journaling because I thought it is important to come to terms with what is truly important in my life, especially during this pandemic. I have been journaling about my day and things in it that I am grateful for and how I can show love and compassion to other people in my life.” 

Ryan Wortmann, junior vocal performance and international business double major

Hobby: Waterskiing 

“My whole life, I’ve been on the water some way or another. I recently joined the waterski team last year at UNL because it’d be a fun thing to do. Being at home now and living on a lake, it’s given me and the water ski team access to train to become better and to get in the water and be active. Plus, it takes care of any boredom. Waterskiing only needs three people: the skier, the driver and the watch. It’s just a hobby that, because everyone is home, we have the correct amount to go boating.”

Brynn Ramos, freshman journalism major

Hobby: Learning American sign language

“I’ve always wanted to learn because I think that ASL should be taught from a young age so everyone is able to communicate with each other, whether or not they can hear. I tend to just go on YouTube and search up lessons that people create since it is accessible and free. I also have downloaded a few apps so I can practice beginner signs like numbers, the alphabet and common phrases.” 

Emma L’Heureux, junior psychology major

Hobby: Embroidery 

“I’ve always liked embroidering because my grandma taught it to me as a little kid, but this is the first time I’ve really gotten on a roll with it.”

Madison Husmann, freshman environmental studies major

Hobby: Making Earrings

“I’ve been wanting to make earrings for so long. I’ve made a few personal ones and after getting compliments on them, I decided I wanted to make them for others. During my time with social distancing, I decided to make new designs and post them for others to purchase. I think what inspired me was just finally being able to get time to do what I’ve wanted to do for a while now. It was the perfect time to take initiative.” 

Jakob Henzi, junior music education major

Hobby: Playing Minecraft 

“I started playing Minecraft again after a fraternity brother of mine mentioned that he started a realm and invited us to join. I haven’t played since middle school, but now with all of this free time, I figured, why not? My favorite thing about it has got to be that it’s an incredibly easy way to kill time, especially when you’re stuck at home.”

Jackson Schiefelbein, senior management and pre-dentistry major

Hobby: Knitting and binge-watching “The French Chef” 

“My friends started knitting this semester for no particular reason, and I thought that was fun. Once social distancing started, I thought ‘why not learn something new?’ and I love it because it gives my hands something to do and I don’t have to focus very hard when I’m knitting one and purling two. I knit a little either everyday or every other day; it seems to help my anxiousness at the moment. As for “The French Chef,” I have started watching and knitting at the same time. It’s just a very homely feeling that gives me some peace while I’m stuck in the house.”