The snow is melted, the flowers are blooming and the dreary days of winter are finally in the rearview mirror. The campus is feeling alive again as people venture out in shorts to see what the sunny, 80-degree weather may bring. So grab your sunglasses and throw on some flip-flops. Here are six ways to enjoy the warm spring weather in Lincoln.

Have a projector movie night

Bring some yummy snacks and enjoy the warm weather while screening your favorite flick. You can use lawn chairs or a blanket for seating and rent a portable projector from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Library. Any outdoor wall will be a suitable substitute for a screen. Given the current times, this activity even provides a safe way to hang out with friends outdoors while socially distanced.

Take an afternoon drive to a nearby lake

There are plenty of small lakes around Lincoln — Holmes Lake, Branched Oak and Pawnee Lake to name a few. Grab some friends, roll down the windows and take a drive to any of the nearby lakes. While you’re there, you can play games, chat with your friends and maybe even stay late to watch a colorful sunset reflect on the calm waters. It’s a simple and relaxing way to chill with your friends and take in the warmth. 

Have a picnic

Along with lakes, Lincoln also has some beautiful nearby parks, like Pioneers Park and Antelope Park. Pack a lunch, grab a blanket and head to a grassy area with some friends for an enjoyable afternoon activity. During your picnic, you can play some music, work on your tan or even try to tackle some more of that homework to-do list. Either way, be sure to wear sunscreen and get some Vitamin D. 

Go hammocking around campus

If you need a de-stressor or a study break, hammocking is the way to go. Bring your own hammock and find two trees to set up. You can either bring friends or take some alone time to chill and let the breeze sway you into a relaxed state. Listen to some music, a podcast or take a nap. It’s a great way to take a break, and a shady tree allows you to enjoy the warmth in the shade.

Play games on the green space

The Meier Commons outside the Union provides the perfect spot to set up a friendly game of Spikeball or ladder golf. If the weather’s nice enough, chances are there’s already a few groups of people tossing something around. Mask up and ask to join — perhaps you’ll find some new friends. On top of getting outside, taking part in activities like these is a fun way to get active and challenge your peers. 

Play some outdoor mini golf

While Prehistoric Putt may be a favorite weekend activity for some UNL students, the warm weather now presents an opportunity to take the mini-golfing fun outdoors. Adventure Golf Center, with two 18-hole courses, is a great option for some weekend fun. If you’re looking to soak up some of the last couple of weeks with your college friends before going home for summer break, this can be a great way to get outside, be active and have fun while doing it.