SISNEROS: 5 upcoming books to add to your summer reading list

With the promise of summer within reach, there’s no better way to lounge around in the humid Midwestern heat than with a new book. The summer of 2019 seems like a promising season in the literary community, with a multitude of new books that are sure to make time fly.

Personally, I think all seasons are good for diving into a good book. However, there is something strangely blissful about the scent of suntan lotion and chlorine and the wonderment caused by a gripping novel.

Regardless of your plans, these five up-and-coming books are sure to satisfy whatever literary cravings you have this summer.

“City of Girls” by Elizabeth Gilbert

In her long-awaited return to fiction, Elizabeth Gilbert, the acclaimed author of “Eat Pray Love,” creates a tantalizing, new love story that is set to be released on June 4.

Named by Oprah Magazine as one of 2019’s most anticipated books, this poignant story of a young actress in the 1940s explores themes of female independence, sexual liberation and empowerment.

When 19-year-old Vivan Morrison gets kicked out of Vassar College due to horrible academic performance, her prestigious family sends her to live in Manhattan with her Aunt Peg, who owns an avant-garde midtown theater.

Surrounded by the enigmatic theater crowd, Vivian explores herself and her sexuality during a time when women were often told their self-worth correlated with their virginity. After a catastrophic and scandalous mistake rocks her tiny theatre community, Vivian is suddenly plunged into a topsy-turvy version of her life. But even with the difficulties of a scandal comes the opportunity for a love story that no one, including Vivian, ever saw coming.

With Gilbert’s notable storytelling skills, “City of Girls” is sure to include plenty of plot, relatable characterization and enough romance to add an extra bit of sweetness to any poolside read.

“A Stranger on the Beach” by Michele Martinez

If you can’t make it to an actual beach this summer, the chilling shores featured in this highly anticipated psychological thriller are sure to make up for it. In the wake of the affluent Stark family's lavish real estate investment, their carefully constructed world seems as if it is on the edge of perfection. However, after a public fight between Caroline Stark and her husband, Caroline quickly realizes things may not be as perfect as they seem.

Distraught over the slow decay of her marriage and personal life, Caroline turns to Aiden, a kind stranger who has become fixated on her and her lifestyle. After a casual fling between the two, Aiden becomes increasingly obsessed with Caroline and the glitz and glamour of her life. As this dark game of infatuation and obsession becomes increasingly sinister, the livelihood and sanctity of Caroline’s family becomes ever more threatened.

This complex and thrilling novel will be available July 23, and will satisfy any mystery thriller fans who find themselves in need of an enthralling story this summer.

“The Stationery Shop” by Marjan Kamali

Based in the politically charged setting of Iran in 1953, “The Stationery Shop” by Marjan Kamali tells a heart-wrenching story about two literary souls torn apart by social upheaval.

Roya is a young girl in Tehran, Iran, who loves to spend her free time in the eclectic stationery shop run by the welcoming Mr. Fakhri. When Mr. Fakhri introduces Roya to his other favorite customer Bahman, a handsome intellectual with a passion for social justice, sparks fly between the two.

All is perfect until the eve of Roya and Bahman’s wedding, when the sudden violence of the Iranian coup d'etat ignites and consequently separates the two lovers.

This historical novel seems like a tragically beautiful narrative of star-crossed lovers who may or may not get their happy ending. “The Stationery Shop” will be released to the public on June 18.

“Salvation Day” by Kali Wallace

If science fiction sounds like a better world to delve into, look no further than this thrilling novel about an intergalactic virus that threatens humanity.

Available July 9, “Salvation Day” tells of a government cover-up and the ominous story behind the destruction of House of Wisdom, an important spaceship whose crew was decimated by a deadly virus.

Wallace paints a vivid picture of a complex, dystopian future on the brink of disaster. With the destruction of House of Wisdom, distrust and panic seem to drive this interesting blend between classic science fiction and horror.

If you are someone who enjoys a fast-paced read with plenty of homages to popular science fiction, this book could be the perfect summer read.

“Girl in the Rearview Mirror” by Kelsey Rae Dimberg

In Kelsey Rae Dimberg’s debut novel, the winding implications of politics, privilege and family are explored through the eyes of Finn Hunt, a nanny for the wealthy family of a U.S. senator.

As Hunt becomes more integrated into the family she works for, she almost forgets the sordid past that caused her to flee the Midwest for the scorching desert of Phoenix. However, as the senator’s reelection quickly approaches, an unknown stranger begins following Finn, threatening the life she has recently created.

Dimberg seems to have created a compelling story about the inner workings of politics and how they influence familial life. “Girl in the Rearview Mirror” will be available June 18, and if you enjoy a twisting storyline of political corruption, this highly anticipated novel may be the perfect selection.