Green Flash Brewing Company located at 1630 P St, is pictured on Friday, Oct. 26, 2018, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Tucked away inside a small, red brick building at 1630 P St., Green Flash Brewery & Eatery recently opened its doors to give the Lincoln community a taste of California craft beers.

Founded in 2002 by Mike and Lisa Hinkley, Green Flash started out as a full-scale brewery and tasting room in San Diego. In June 2018, the company opened up its second location in Lincoln as a restaurant and taproom.

According to Green Flash’s marketing director Buay Wuol, the Lincoln location opened to gain a personal connection with their customers.

“I think the reason they decided to come here was because they wanted a face-to-face interaction and marketing and word of mouth as opposed to online,” he said. “So, what better place than the middle of the country to get that?”

Unlike the San Diego location, Lincoln’s Green Flash is a family-friendly restaurant. Wuol said they have a broad menu with classic options such as burgers, soups and salads. They have vegetarian and vegan options he said, but also offer more unique foods such as their bollito and porchetta to give customers a wide range of options.

“We have a pretty eclectic menu,” he said. “We’re trying to challenge, for lack of a better word, the palette of an average person. It's not just steak and potatoes — you know we’ll have a bollito. And, all of it is locally sourced, so we know where all our food comes from.”

Wuol said the Lincoln restaurant offers the same beers as the San Diego location. The Lincoln location offers 12 varieties, 11 of which they brew at Green Flash.

They have a collaboration beer with Allo and Nelnet called the “Gig City Commons,” a California common beer they brewed specifically for Lincoln.

As for their most popular beer, Wuol said customers usually order their “Passion Fruit Kicker.”

“It's actually not on tap at the moment because people drink it every single day,” he said.

But, the company’s staple brew is their West Coast IPA, Wuol said

As for their food, customers usually order their southern fried chicken sandwich, which comes with breaded and battered pickles, pimiento cheese and aioli served on a brioche bun.

Since the restaurant opened, Wuol said they have sponsored different events such as Lincoln Calling’s Night Market in September. Later this year, Green Flash is going to collaborate on a beer with the Nebraska Transition Community in order to raise money for individuals within the autism spectrum.

Wuol said collaborations like these are the reasons why he enjoys working at Green Flash.

“It's not just about beer,” he said. “It's not just about food; it's about people. It’s pretty rewarding and fulfilling in that regard.”

Though the restaurant has only been open for a few months, general manager Jeff Willett said he is looking forward to expanding the restaurant and collaborating with other breweries in Lincoln.

“We just want to be a part of the craft beer community in Lincoln,” he said. “All the other brewers and breweries in Lincoln are extremely welcoming — they’ve all come and hung out with us. We just want to be part of the family.”

Like Willett, Wuol said he would like to see Green Flash become a bigger part of the Lincoln community in the future by featuring local art and becoming immersed in Lincoln’s culture.

“Just make it Lincoln,” he said. “At this point, we still have that San Diego stigma, if you will, and people don’t realize we are a part of this community. So, getting different breweries here, shaking hands, collabing, getting some local art up, stuff like that just to make sure the people know we really care about this community.”