Stur 22

Stur 22, Caribbean and African Kitchen, is pictured on Monday, Sept. 21, 2020, in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

In 2017, Stur 22 Lounge opened its doors at 2110 Winthrop Rd. Since then, the Carribean and African grill has provided the Lincoln area with authentic cuisine.

During 2020, however, the world has been gripped by the coronavirus pandemic, and many businesses have had to adapt to new safety guidelines in order to keep their doors open. Businesses in Lincoln are no exception. Currently, many restaurants operate at 50% capacity or switched to takeout.

Stur 22 Lounge has taken safety measures a step further with the opening of SturFast. SturFast, located at 1320 O Street, provides the same food Lincoln residents love from Stur 22 Lounge with the options of carry-out or delivery. In a time when to-go options are essential, this new location feels like a bit of a no-brainer.

The new SturFast is exactly what the name says — it’s Stur 22, but faster. The menu is stripped down, removing appetizers, salads and a majority of Stur 22’s entrees. Instead, SturFast focuses on to-go bowls in the same vein as Chipotle or Qdoba.

Guests select one base for the meal. Base options include rice and peas, mixed greens, jollof rice — a rice made with tomato and seasoning — and finally, rasta pasta, a rigatoni noodle tossed in the restaurant’s spiced jerk sauce.

Packed on to the base is one’s selection of protein, including chicken, beef, steak, steamed vegetables or blackened shrimp with the protein comes a sauce of your choice. Most aim to be sweeter, but the jerk sauce and Zulu dressing provide a spicy kick for those who prefer a more flavorful option.

To finish the bowl, guests select two sides to go into the meal. These can include sweet potato, sweet corn and pineapple-mango salsa or slaw.

On my visit, I selected the rasta pasta, brown sauce steak, jerk sauce, sweet potato and pineapple mango salsa. All of it came together in a hefty take-out plastic bowl, which allowed for the meal to be mixed and melded together or the elements to be tried individually.

The ingredients all splash together nicely, with the earthy seasoning on the steak, the spice of the jerk sauce and sweet — almost candied — notes of the pineapple-mango salsa, all meld together to create a very complete flavor with every bite.

However, the steak was very tough to chew. This is likely due to the well-done temperature preparation. However, other proteins, like the chicken, were tender and easily sliced, even with the plastic fork SturFast provides.

For dessert, SturFast offers two options: a coconut cream cheesecake and a rum butter cheesecake. The rum butter was rich and creamy, with a cloying drizzle covering the entire slice.

Overall, SturFast was a breath of fresh air in the Lincoln food scene. The combination of ingredients created flavor profiles that were complex and layered, but the customizability option allows all food lovers to enjoy. From the curry chicken to the brown sauce steak, SturFast provides authentic and fresh options for you to enjoy carried out, delivered to your door or inside the restaurant.