Meghan Trainor's "TREAT MYSELF" Album Cover

On the morning of Jan. 31, James Corden uploaded a new edition of carpool karaoke to his YouTube channel with none other than Meghan Trainor as the special guest. After watching Trainor and Corden jam out to “All About That Bass,” it’s easy to remember what makes Trainor so relatable.

Four years after the 2016 release of Trainor’s album “Thank You,” Trainor stepped back into the spotlight. On the day of her carpool session, Trainor dropped “TREAT MYSELF” — an album filled with self-love and sass. 

“TREAT MYSELF” highlights Trainor’s signature hip-hop flare, much like her aforementioned 2016 release, while exerting her new, more bouncy side with funky dance beats.

The second track on the album, “Nice to Meet Ya (feat. Nicki Minaj),” exemplifies Trainor’s signature fun and care-free style, and it has a robotic hip-hop beat popping in the background alongside Trainor and Minaj’s rapping. It’s a style that Trainor’s fans can identify as solely hers.

Although many of the tracks on the album have an energetic tempo, Trainor isn’t afraid to take a slower route. “Workin’ On It (feat. Lennon Stella & Sasha Sloan)” is an example of this dip in the genre. With the lyrics “Never been asked to dance/'Cause I never been the pretty one/Never like compliments/'Cause it's always been so hard believin' them,” Trainor and Sloan tackle the relatable subject of insecurity. The transition from hip-hop to acoustic is a nice change of pace, as all three artists’ voices harmonize well with each other so-much-so that it is often difficult to distinguish one from the other. 

“Here To Stay” reveals Trainor’s instrumental range. Here, the song is carried by an acoustic guitar, which contrasts with Trainor’s usual use of electric guitar and drums. The song is about individuals sticking with a relationship even though their partner has many flaws. Trainor’s rhythmic pace stays relaxed in the melody and then picks up the pace during the verses, adding a sense of intrigue.

Trainor isn’t the only star on this album. With five featured artists and one band, Trainor allows for many different voices to come together. “After You (feat. AJ Mitchell)” is one of the many songs where Trainor has a featured artist. Trainor and Mitchell alternate between singing, and then they come together for a duet in the final verse. This song allows the two singers to show their individual talents and how their abilities work together. In the case of Trainor and Mitchell, their vocal ranges compliment each other’s exceptionally and are able to create a balanced tune. 

Throughout the album, Trainor isn’t afraid to tell people how she feels. “Evil Twin” is a perfect example of her boldness, as she sheds light on her insecurities about bad decisions to the point of personifying them. With the lyrics “I get lost in the background/She’s the star of the show/Gotta deal with her problems/ When she lose control/I know I can't tame her/I don't even try/So let me apologize,” she puts a humorous spin on these insecurities while showing her annoyance for her inability to overcome them. 

While it might not offer a wide range of different content, “TREAT MYSELF” provides a buffet of different artists and includes powerful messages of self-love and confidence. It also shows that no matter what kind of music Trainor makes, she’s always able to put a smile on a listener’s face with her careless attitude.