Chicken stir fry ramen at Itsumo Ramen on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Stepping into Itsumo Ramen, a local Japanese restaurant, I was met with top hits playing as well as modern, sculpture-like decor and lighting that appeals to young adults. Their quality ramen is much better than the 50 cent variety most students are used to, and paired with the atmosphere, this restaurant is worth a trip for any college student.

After hearing about this restaurant, I had to try it out for myself. My goal was to determine whether or not the food and the experience are worth college students spending a little extra money to eat out. Based on location, atmosphere, prices, service and the food itself, I have concluded that Itsumo Ramen is a worthy option for students.

Although this place has a lot to offer, the food is the best part. Their menu features various appetizers and eight different ramen options as well as a kid’s bowl option. In addition to this, there are several add-ons you can choose at an additional cost. I ordered the stir fry ramen without any add-ons and received my food less than five minutes later. They provide customers with chopsticks and a ramen soup spoon to eat with, so if you’re not great with chopsticks, you might have to get creative. 

The ramen came with chicken on top that was cooked to perfection. It wasn't too tough or chewy, and the noodles were also cooked perfectly. The entrée utilized fresh ingredients, such as cilantro, that really enhanced the aromas and made the seasonings come to life.

The restaurant, located at 1451 O St., is less than a five-minute walk from the Nebraska Union, making it convenient and easy for students to go between or after classes. Additionally, this means students living on campus or commuters that are already on campus for classes don’t have to spend money on gas to get there and can avoid the struggle to find parking. That’s a win-win situation in my book.

This sit-down restaurant is a fairly small place with plenty of seating. In addition to their indoor tables, they offer plenty of spots outside. Upon entering, you are met with a chic ambiance — small pieces of Japanese artwork are placed on display, and sculpture decorations and lights are hanging overhead. It makes the place feel very modern. It’s not an overly loud or bustling restaurant, but it is also not quiet and awkward. I feel as though that makes it the perfect place to sit and chat with friends over a meal. Overall, I thought the environment was young-adult friendly. 

The young lady who served me was incredibly kind and polite. She took care of me and all the other guests very quickly and made sure we had everything we could possibly need. She also checked in regularly without being overbearing like some servers can be. Additionally, my drink and food were served to me much quicker than I had expected, within about five minutes. 

Considering the quality of the food and the overall experience, I thought the prices were very reasonable. The most expensive item on the menu was $12, with the majority of main course items being $11. As a poor college student myself, I wouldn’t spend that much on a meal every day, but with the quality of the food and the experience, I would happily do it once a month. 

My meal and experience were both exceptional. I definitely got my money’s worth and would highly recommend it to any college student that’s looking for a new place to try.