On the outside, Patty Bladell’s life looks perfect. She’s beautiful, thin and has the guy everyone wants. But Patty is far from just her appearance, as the beauty queen has a dark secret: she's a murderer. 

The Netflix original series “Insatiable” released its second season on Oct. 11, with 10 crazy episodes that take the viewer on a ride even more insane than last season. No more is the innocent girl making her way through the terrifying world of pageantry, Patty is now a crowned champion, and her secrets along the way are adding up quicker than she can bury the bodies. 

The show follows Patty (Debby Ryan), former fat-kid-turned-beauty-queen, after an accident that led to her jaw getting wired shut and losing weight through an all-liquid diet. Along with her pageant coach and father figure, Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts), Patty can’t seem to keep the two of them out of trouble. From murder to polyamourous relationships, this show is a comedic drama that is thrilling at times and satirical at others. 

This season picks up right where the last season left off with the murder of Christian (James Lastovic) and Stella Rose (Beverly D’Angelo). Worried that someone might discover the killing, Patty and Bob spend the second season trying to move past that fateful night and focus on the Miss American Lady pageant. However, Patty finds herself unable to forget about the people she has killed, and she ends up back with her old friend: food.

The first season, which premiered a year ago, received a lot of backlash for claims of fat-shaming within the portrayal of Patty. For some, this was a major deterrent from watching the show, but others saw past what it was on the surface and understood what the show was actually about — just because Patty lost the weight, it does not mean all of her issues beforehand disappear. This season, we see how Patty’s past is not a worse version that deserves to be shamed, but arguably a better version of her. Sure, she didn't get the guy and people did not think she was cool. But what did being thin cost? Patty is insatiable all of the time, and not just for food. She has a violent craving for murder. 

As bizarre and plot hole-filled as this show is, there is something about it that makes the viewer unable to tear their eyes away from the screen. Ryan does a great job as the lead this season, convincing the audience of her motives and keeping an element of trust, even though she is literally murdering people. Up until the final moments of the last episode, the viewer is rooting for Patty get over her issues and become Miss American Lady, even though she quite honestly does not deserve it. 

The biggest issue with this show is its inability to juggle too many plot lines. Whether it is Patty’s struggle to become Miss American Lady or Bob’s relationship with his ex-wife and former boyfriend, it was overwhelming. No character received a well-fleshed out plot this season, and too much emphasis was placed on side characters nobody cares about. 

Last season kept a focus on Patty and those in her inner circle, but in trying to create a more in-depth world for “Insatiable,” the writers took on more than they could chew. “Insatiable” is a show unlike anything on screen for its mixture of satire and interesting character development, yet it is unable to reach its full potential because it steers away from the original concept.