Picture a high school party where everyone is having separate conversations. The strums of a guitar play over a speaker and suddenly everyone in the room joins together to sing, “Take me to your best friend’s house/Roll around this roundabout.” “Tongue Tied” by Grouplove has brought people together through its timeless chorus and energetic instrumentals since it’s release in 2011.

This anthemic track is the band’s most popular song to date, but Grouplove hasn’t managed to capture the same success since its release.

Grouplove provides consolation during tumultuous times with its latest album “Healer,” which was released on March 13. The album aims to channel one’s frustrations, and serves as a rebellion against the status quo. 

The lyrics and soothing instrumentals of each track show that sometimes caring less is the cure to stress. Though its purpose lines up with Grouplove’s previous work, “Healer” doesn’t quite capture the signature exuberance that made the band a household name. 

A countdown and a lively guitar solo open the album on the track “Deleter.” The chorus, “All this time I thought you were a leader/It turns out you're only a deleter,” criticizes the divide created with the advancement of technology. The lyrics provide commentary on the lack of face-to-face interactions due to the increase of technology.

“Expectations” acts as a deterrent for crippling stress. Instead of worrying about obligations, this song urges listeners to dance and unwind. The reposeful beat creates a sense of ease that will have you drop what you’re doing and sway your body back and forth.

Similarly to “Expectations,” “The Great Unknown” strikes a chord with lyrics that ponder the mystery of the real world — especially for those with uncertainty about their future. The lyrics, “You-I, me-I, she-I must go/Cause nothing really lasts forever,” reveal how life can be temporary and we eventually have to move on from our previous dependent lives.

Other tracks, such as “Youth,” and “This is Everything,” have meaningful lyrics. However, the instrumentals tend to blend into the album instead of standing out.

The high point of the album was “Promises,” a song of protest against forceful deportation. With the lyrics, “Through a reporter/You're just followin' orders/Closin' your eyes and tellin' lies/While they're taking our daughters,” vocalist Christian Zucconi vents his frustration in an attempt to expose hypocrisy in the political system.

“Healer” is a solid addition to Grouplove’s discography. It’s not going to be ground-breaking in the indie pop world, but it still serves as an escape from the pressures of the outside world.