Despite what you’ve most likely seen from everyone on the internet, “Eternals” was a lot of fun to watch. 

“Eternals” follows a group of superpowered extraterrestrials, known as the Eternals, sent to Earth when mankind was first developed to protect them from evil monsters referred to as Deviants. Each Eternal has their own set of abilities, such as flight, super strength, mind control and the ability to transform any material of their choosing into whatever they want. They stay on Earth for thousands of years under strict instructions not to interfere with human conflict unless the Deviants are involved. They watch mankind grow, evolve and go to war, all from the background, and after a while the gods choose to split up after the last of the Deviants have been eradicated. 

However, the Eternals are forced to regroup when a more powerful mutated Deviant appears with the ability to extract the Eternals’ powers. The group travels all over the world, catching up with one another after a couple thousand years apart, when they discover a sinister plot that has been going on right under their noses the whole time. With a ticking clock and the group divided as to the morality of this scheme, the Eternals must face off against something even stronger than themselves in order to save the civilization they fostered since its creation. 

Overall, I really enjoyed watching this film. It was incredibly aesthetically pleasing, which is to be expected when Academy Award winner Chloé Zhao directs a superhero movie. The CGI was some of the best in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is surprising because there was so much of it throughout. I kept looking for slip-ups in the visual effects, but they were consistently amazing. The acting was also phenomenal, with so many big names smashed together to give their own individual amazing performances. 

Where the movie falters slightly is in its story. This is a monumental moment for the MCU, and I feel like the writers knew that and tried to do too much with the story. It’s a lot to pack into a two and a half hour movie and still set up everything coming up for the MCU. The story got so caught up in setting up the conflict between the gods that it failed to properly develop the characters that we’ll be seeing so much more of later on. Even one of the secondary villains, the mutated Deviant — who I’m not sure we’ll see too much more of — wasn’t developed at all. I’m still unsure of how exactly he was able to draw power from the Eternals, and I thought it would’ve been super quick and easy to just show a quick flashback explaining that. 

Other than the glaring issues with the plot, I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and I think people are overreacting with their negative critiques. It’s definitely not the worst MCU movie, despite what the ratings say. It’s not the strongest movie by far, but also not deserving of the worst rated Marvel movie to date. I also think the movie did a great job of introducing some long overdue representation from the LGBTQ+ and deaf communities. “Eternals” had the most diverse cast of any movie in the MCU, and yet it didn’t seem forced or like it was patting itself on the back for it, and I applaud the writers and creative team for that. 

Anyways, go check out “Eternals” in theaters and form your own opinions, don’t let me or any random film dude on the internet tell you how to think.