As a singer, songwriter and music producer, Matthew Tyler Musto, also known as blackbear, has had his fair share of accomplishments within the music industry. The artist has written hit songs for artists like Justin Bieber (“Boyfriend”) and Jeremy Zucker (“talk is overrated”). He is also part of the hip-hop, rhythm and blues duo mansionz, in which he collaborates with singer/songwriter Mike Posner. However, with his new solo album “everything means nothing,” blackbear is hoping to achieve some personal success with his R&B, alt-pop solo music. 

In pursuit of a number one album, blackbear released his fifth studio album “everything means nothing,” a continuation of his EP that debuted on July 17. The EP consisted of three previously released singles, “hot girl bummer,” “me & ur ghost” and “queen of broken hearts,” as well as three new songs: “i feel bad,” “i feel 2 much” and “i felt that.” Part two, which completes the LP, was released on August 21 and introduced six new songs: “sobbing in cabo,” “clown,” “half alive,” “if i were you,” “why are girls” and “smile again.” 

The album kicks off with the double platinum single “hot girl bummer,” which has been blasting out of speakers everywhere since its release as a meme of the #hotgirlsummer trend in 2019. “Hot girl bummer” exemplifies the type of uplifting breakup anthems that are on this album and give off a fun energy in the lowest times. 

“Me & ur ghost,” “queen of broken hearts” and “sobbing in cabo” all continue the upbeat trend with their heightened tempo and live drums, claps and snaps, but the album takes a slight detour to feature a needed change of tempo for two low-key songs on the album, which are “i feel 2 much” and “i felt that.” 

“I feel like I was feeling emo that week,” blackbear said in an interview with Apple Music. “It was my stab at making a blackbear ballad again.”

As the only non-breakup song on the record, “i feel bad” stands alone as a song about blackbear’s struggle with necrotizing chronic pancreatitis. 

“I have to get surgeries every two months … There’s medications I have to take and they kind of ruin anything creatively,” blackbear said in the same interview. “But that's just what it is. I feel bad about feeling bad.”

This track, while abnormal to his usual love-focused anthems, adds to the honesty of the album and shows blackbear’s dedication to making this album the best of his career by showing fans his deepest self.  

The album ends on a bittersweet note with the song “smile again,” a soft, uptempo song about loss and grief. It incorporates pieces from every song on the album with its catchy melody and sober lyrics. The final song closes out the album like what blackbear described as a “good last chapter to a book.”

As a whole, “everything means nothing” is a brutally honest breakup album full of alt-leaning pop songs that perfectly encompass all the feelings and emotions associated with the aftermath of a relationship. It uses a lyrical vocabulary that makes the album easily relatable for teens and young adults and accomplishes its goal as an energetic album for the darkest days.