Dreamworks Animation is trying to find their new "How to Train Your Dragon."  

Since the massively successful series concluded earlier in 2019, with "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World," Dreamworks is hoping to get another blockbuster animated franchise going.

It currently has sequels to “Trolls,” “The Croods” and “The Boss Baby” in the works, but it's first film to be released after “How to Train Your Dragon” is an original called “Abominable.”

“Abominable” tells the story of a young woman, Yi, who lives in China. Ever since her father passed away, Yi has been finding it difficult to connect with her family. She spends most of her time either working one of her many jobs for various restaurants and businesses, or sitting alone in her room. That is, until she discovers a yeti on her roof. She is then thrust into an adventure to return this yeti to his home, Mount Everest in the Himalayas.

As far as kids’ movies go, “Abominable” isn’t bad. It’s a decently fun adventure movie with a lot of overly cheesy and dumb moments, but it does have a lot of heart to it, which is what ultimately makes it watchable.

“Abominable” is an animated film that is undoubtedly made for kids. It’s not like the “How to Train Your Dragon” films or any Pixar movie where parents and adults can find enjoyment out of it as well. Those are films that have a basic premise that can be enjoyed by all audiences while simultaneously providing a deeper meaning for adults to reflect on. This is a film that was made to be thrown on in the living room in an attempt to keep your kid’s attention, and in that regard, it would probably be successful.

There are a lot of moments in this movie that kids are going to love. Multiple children were in the theater when I watched the film, and they were constantly cheering for the characters and giggling at the films humor. It seemed their favorite scene came about half-way through when the main characters were running away from an avalanche of giant blueberries. 

The abominable snowman at the core of the film provides a fun character for kids to enjoy, and admittedly I did find it oddly adorable.

It’s established in the film that this yeti, known as “Everest,” is an infant. He enjoys running around and playing, and he often doesn’t put too much thought into what he’s doing. Everest also has magical powers that let him “communicate with nature.” This allows him to do a variety of random nature-related feats like flying on clouds and making dandelions grow to enormous size. These powers come in handy on more than one occasion when they need a quick escape from the film’s villains.

These villains are probably the worst part of the movie.

The main villain in the film is initially made out to be an elderly man that has spent his life looking for a yeti. Though, in a plot twist seen from a mile away, it is revealed that the real antagonist is his assistant who is pushing him to make all sorts of villainous decisions. This assistant, Dr. Zara, makes no sense as a character. She is pretending to be British for no apparent reason, she walks around with a gerbil on her shoulder, and as a whole is just an idiotic character. Her decisions are completely illogical, and it felt like the film would've benefited from removing the character entirely.

“Abominable” is a decent enough kid’s movie that children will probably love while their parents will tune it out. 

This is not going to be the animated movie kids will be nostalgic about in 15 years, but, for now, it will keep them entertained for 100 minutes. It's fun, but doesn't offer a whole lot to remember. The abominable snowman the film takes its name from was adorable, but the film itself leaves something to be desired.