Restoration art

Two student leaders for Restoration Campus said their campus ministry stands out because they focus on being intentional and ensuring every student feels seen and heard.

Restoration Campus, or RC3, is a campus ministry associated with Sower Church as well as the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Although there are many different campus ministries at UNL, Landon Kennedy, student leader and senior accounting major, as well as Erin Willats, student leader and senior in the pre-veterinary track, believe RC3 has something special to offer that sets it apart from other campus ministries.

“I think that we work really hard to make sure that students feel known and valued,” Willats said.

Like many campus ministries, RC3 has a college night where students can go worship and hear a message from the Bible. This takes place on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. inside of Sower Church located on 27th and R streets. In addition to that, they also have discipleship groups. These consist of three to four people that gather together to study the Bible and have more in-depth conversations with one another. 

“It’s really a time where you can get close with the people in those groups and can have a more focused conversation about whatever is going on in their lives,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said RC3 also puts on a lot of fun activities for their students to participate in. Matball, trashball, ice cream socials, beach days, sand volleyball, pick-up basketball and lunches are just some of the things they have already done during these first couple weeks of classes. They plan to continue doing these activities throughout the school year, as well as starting an intramural team and potentially having a camping trip. 

“We try to have a lot of activities for people that’s a wide variety because we did matball, but that’s not for everybody, so there was also the ice cream social and stuff,” Willats said.

“We just try to make sure that everyone feels like they have an activity they can partake in instead of just expecting everyone to like matball.”

Kennedy explained that RC3 is committed to their mission and values, which includes promoting the gospel, building community and using their resources to promote generosity and charity.

“I’d say first and foremost our goal is promoting the gospel here on campus and throughout Lincoln, then building a community of people,” Kennedy said. “I mean we don’t just meet on Tuesday nights and for discipleship groups, like a bunch of those people there are genuine friends.” 

Kennedy and Willats agreed that what really sets RC3 apart from the other ministries on campus is how much their leaders focus on being intentional with their students by getting to know each of them individually. The ministry and the church it’s associated with are smaller in size, which makes it easier to build personal relationships with everyone.

“It’s kind of smaller, I’d say our church is, which I like because you can kind of have that deeper interaction.” Kennedy said. “I like how the people in the ministry will kind of just pour into you individually.” 

Willats said being intentional and focusing on individual relationships is beneficial for college students. 

“It can be really hard coming into college and not feeling known by a lot of people; it can cause a lot of loneliness,” Willats said. “So just them being so intentional with getting to know each of the students and understanding what makes them tick and how we can properly pour into them instead of just kind of doing a blanket effect is important.”