Podcast Mic Art

The holidays are prime time for traveling to places both familiar and new. Whether by car, plane, boat or train, there is always an abundance of time to burn. Naturally, listening to music or watching the scenery go by can lose its entertainment value quickly. Luckily, thanks to the miracle of the internet, there is a world of time-burning activities always just a tap away. Recently, podcasts have been on the rise, as streamers use the platform to put guests on the spot in extended conversations, allowing the listener to get to know the guest better than on most other outlets. And with so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know which podcast is right for you. To help figure out which podcasts to start listening to, here are a few options sure to while away the hours efficiently. 

"WTF with Marc Maron"

Comedian Marc Maron offers an inside look at the lives of celebrities with his podcast “WTF with Marc Maron." Since 2009, Maron has invited celebrities to his garage to interview them about their projects and other current events in the entertainment industry. Aside from comedy, “WTF with Marc Maron” also explores more intimate issues. Many guests have discussed visceral topics — such as abuse, their sexuality and even suicide contemplation. For anyone who’s interested in diving deep into celebrities’ personal lives, this podcast would be a great listen. 

"The Daily"

Five days a week, political journalist Michael Barbaro recaps the day’s leading stories in “The Daily” podcast. As part of The New York Times, Barbaro bases his episodes around Times’ stories regarding recent political developments. In a quick 20 minutes, listeners can stay caught up in politics, businesses and daily events. This podcast is easy to follow due to the organization, and Barbaro’s clear and soothing voice makes it pleasing to the ear.    

"Crime Junkie"

For the fans of the “Serial” podcast by Sarah Koenig and TLC’s TV show “Forensic Files,” the “Crime Junkie” podcast should help satiate the unstoppable desire for tales of mayhem and mischief. Every Monday, hosts Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat tell a true crime story they have been researching. Each episode explores a different case, hitting on topics like murder, missing people and serial killers. When telling these stories, Flowers doesn’t just narrate the show, but formats a story-telling conversation. This allows the listener to feel like they’re actively engaged in a heated deliberation on the day of the crime.

"The Rewatchables"

The Ringer’s “The Rewatchables” podcast takes the audience back in time to significant moments in film history. Host Bill Simmons evaluates classic films and discusses how the movies have aged. This is an excellent podcast for any movie lover as Simmons’ excited and geek-like manner of critiquing movies can shed a new light on the appeal of older films and has the potential to expand film tastes and creative horizons. 


Host Jake Brennan takes his audience on a journey through stories covering the most beloved in the music industry, as he tells tales of musicians and true crime. Each episode digs deep to uncover the lost stories of how different musicians’ and their music came to be, while also exposing the musician’s private lives as drug dealers, robbers or even murderers. The podcast sheds a whole new light on who these people were and how their music actually reflects their more personal stories.