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For all the projects you pinned but never got around to and all the recipes there wasn’t time for, here’s a chance to get started.

On Thursday, Pinterest Do-It-yourself projects will be taking over East Campus.

After the success of last year’s Christmas Pinterest Party, Student Involvement is bringing Pinterest back to the real world once again. A Halloween-themed party on East Campus will welcome all students to a creative and social night, filled with crafts, snacks and music. There will also be movies playing during the event.

Students won’t be expected to stick around and clean up either.

“You can just walk away from the mess and not have to deal with it.” event coordinator at Student Involvement on East Campus Abbie Gabel said.

“It’s really interesting how this event came to be,” associate director of Student Involvement Reshell Ray said. “As people were sharing information, or different things on Pinterest, the (Student Involvement) staff said, ‘What if we do a Pinterest night?’”

Registration closes Friday, and the spots are limited.

“We did this last year at Christmas,” Gabel said. “We had 100 people sign up, and we only had 100 spots.”

Check-in will be at 7:00 p.m., and the festivities will start at 7:30 p.m.. All the material needed will be provided by Student Involvement so those coming can show up and enjoy a crafty and social night away from school.

“It is a unique opportunity because when you are doing a craft by yourself, and then after you go out and get them, by the time you get home you might not feel like doing them anymore.” Ray said.

Both Ray and Gabel said several of the crafts that will be created can be found at many craft fairs and markets.

“You see those items at craft fairs, and it is really unique when you are the one putting them together.” Ray said.

While all students will be provided with the same materials, everyone will have the chance to use their own creative instincts, which will shine through in the final product, Ray said.

“It won’t be like starting 10 projects and never finishing them,” she said. “You will complete them, and you will walk out with them.”

All the food and refreshments offered to students will also be inspired and taken from Pinterest boards. Technology and social media are a large part in people’s lives, and the East Campus is using this popularity to bring students together in a physical setting.

Student Involvement will also be hosting a Christmas-themed event later this year, but registration for the Halloween-night is coming to a close.

The spots are limited to 100 students, and registration for the event closes October 4. The price, which includes all materials and refreshments, is $25 for students and $35 for non-students.

For more information and to register visit