Jordan Smith (left) and Courtney Kirby of Steady Wells.

Contrasting his wife Cortney Kirby’s blue denim jacket, Jordan Smith dons a red flannel as the couple duets. They stand inside a half-finished house, the pale beams of wood creating an A-frame in the background. Their voices meld into a soft, folk tune backed by Jordan Smith’s acoustic guitar. The music is not the only art form here; the video itself is important to the couple and their fans.

Omaha rock band Steady Wells recently filmed a live performance with Love Drunk to prepare audiences for upcoming music.

Jordan Smith, the frontman for Steady Wells, has been in multiple projects in the past. His first Americana rock project, Betsy Wells, transformed into something more pop and alternative that he called Twinsmith. Smith returned to writing Americana songs and wanted to create a new project to display them, founding Steady Wells in 2020.

Smith said Steady Wells’ sound is Americana rock with some folk thrown in.

“I want to have the rustic feel of the Americana folk style but with new age folk where there’s different arrangements of synth,” he said. “My song structure, writing it, is very simple. It’s just me and an acoustic guitar basically writing a folk song, then taking that and making it a more lively thing.”

On March 12, Jordan and Courtney’s acoustic duet version of Steady Wells’ song “Hurts” was released. Love Drunk has filmed 144 videos for free with groups across the country since its beginning in 2010, according to owner Django Greenblatt-Seay.

Greenblatt-Seay knew Smith from Betsy Wells and ended up filming a video for Twinsmith seven years ago.

“I had played some shows with Betsy Wells in some bands I was in,” he said. “I didn’t really get to know Jordan all that well, but we kind of knew each other through that. When Twinsmith was playing, they reached out and said they wanted to film a video of them playing a new song. They sent me the song, and I liked it, so we shot that at the Alpine Inn.”

When Love Drunk employee Angie Norman, who helps the shoots and records audio, was building a house, Greenblatt-Seay asked her if she wanted to film an episode there.

“Without missing a beat, she said Steady Wells, and she said that song ‘Hurts,’” he said. “She was already listening to that song a lot at the time, and for one reason or another, it spoke to her.”

Smith said filming the video with Greenblatt-Seay was a great experience and made for an interesting promotion.

“They’re a lot of fun,” Smith said. “You find a location, and you go set it up and run through it a couple times. The turnaround is really quick. It’s a great promotional piece for the band to be able to get your song out there in a cool location with professional mixing and video. It’s really the ultimate marketing tool for bands.”

Smith said the band will need marketing tools like the Love Drunk video for their upcoming music. He plans to focus on singles for the time being, releasing a song every three to four months.

“Doing the singles is a good way to get your name out there, and it’s a good way to stay relevant in the sense of opening up for shows or being on the top of people’s minds when shows are coming to town,” Smith said.

Steady Wells is a pretty new project, having only begun in early 2020. Smith said, though the group has only made three songs so far, he hopes they’re resonating with listeners.

“I’m just hoping that once these translate live, I can connect with people,” he said. “Right now I’m just putting them out there like, ‘Alright there’s a song. There it is, and I’m just going to be sitting at home.’ It’s been a fun outlet during all this craziness of life.”