David McInnis

David McInnis, leader of Baroque-pop band, Magu, poses for a portrait in his house on Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019, in Omaha, Nebraska.

The mix of classical instruments fusing with goth-pop inspired electric guitar chimes and steady drum fills sets Omaha Baroque pop band Magū apart from any other band in today’s local scene. 

David McInnis, the founder and lyrical mastermind behind the group, is joined by guitarist John Staples and bassist Sam Lipsett to complete Magū’s dynamic sound.

Magū began as McInnis’ solo project in 2016 at his home studio and illustrious Omaha DIY house venue, Lucy’s Pub. There, he performed alongside esteemed local bands like Omaha’s power pop group Uh Oh and Lincoln indie rockers The Way Out. McInnis said he always envisioned Magū morphing into a full band, so when his friends Jay Jacobsen, Colin Heskin and Cameron Thelander offered to play on his first album, he couldn’t refuse. 

In 2017, Magū officially became a full-band with the intent of creating an energetic experience for the fans. The band’s first album “Change of Heart” showcases its chill, relaxed vibe accompanied by signature guitar melodies. One track in particular, “Julianne,” invokes classical strains in its piano intro.

The diverse sounds found on Magū’s discography were inspired by the music that filled McInnis’ childhood. He grew up in a musical family. His mother was a choir director at United Methodist Church, and his dad grew up playing guitar. In 7th grade, McInnis was introduced to the trumpet and found the drive to pursue music as a serious career path when he found drums at 14.

During that time, McInnis found Stevie Ray Vaughan’s blues rock guitar licks, which he said inspired him as a musician. But the main genre McInnis has forayed into stems from his love of Baroque-era classical music.

All of McInnis’ musical experiences culminate to form Magū’s latest single “Shame,” released Sept. 13. The Daily Nebraskan visited Lucy’s Pub prior to the release to chat with McInnis about his house venue, recording his own music and his dog, Lucy.