memes of the month

With every refresh on social media, it’s almost inevitable to scroll past dreary news about the coronavirus. While it’s important to keep yourself informed on what can feel like just statistics and sorrow, it can be easy to be blind to the random memes that surface each month. There have been many online posts in March that can easily serve as therapeutic humor for an unfortunate situation.

Here are the two best memes this month that arose amidst the chaos.

Runner Up: Two fingers touching

In early March, a meme surfaced on Tik Tok and Twitter that was heavily shared and emulated. It shows someone approaching someone else reservedly with their fingers touching. The goal is to represent shyness or insecurity in talking to someone or asking for something. Many Tik Tok users posted videos of themselves asking someone out with their head down while twiddling their fingers.

This bashful meme spread to Twitter and gained popularity when user @globymyself posted a photo of himself on a doorstep in a passive pose with his two index fingers touching. This definitely touched many social media users, as it garnered over 134,000 likes and 25,700 retweets. The child-like innocence feels wholesome when done by young adults and results in a hilarious gag.

Winner: Zoom

Out of all of the memes spawned from the coronavirus panic, none felt more relatable than posts pertaining to Zoom. Zoom is a remote conferencing service many universities have adopted for their transitions to online learning. As a college student learning to adjust to the new platform, it’s comforting to see other students make jokes about it along the way.

A popular example of the meme is an Instagram post depicting the gang from Scooby-Doo unmasking the villain behind the COVID-19 outbreak. It turns out the culprit was Zoom the whole time. My personal favorites have been videos on Twitter where the a cappella group from the movie Pitch Perfect says “zoom” repetitively, setting up many potential humorous captions.