Memes of the Month

Each month there seems to be a new meme that emerges magically from Reddit, Twitter or other internet communities. Social media users will laugh and share them with their friends, and it’ll remain the topic of group conversation for a few days until they suddenly vanish. It’s a cycle that has existed on different social media for quite some time. Sharing memes can serve as a way for high school and college students to communicate their frustrations, confusion or odd observances through a comedic lens. The newspaper comic strips of the past are the memes of the future.

But for those too preoccupied with classes or work to be bothered by internet culture who still want to be in the loop, I will be keeping track of the meme highlights each month, providing two of the best formats to surface.

Runner-Up: World War III

It was unexpected when “World War III” was trending on Twitter in the first few days of 2020. Tension grew across the web when a U.S. airstrike killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. With this death in mind, many believed America was on the brink of another World War. While many worried, some decided to break the tension by posting memes regarding World War III.

Internet users attached to the idea of getting drafted, and more specifically, avoiding the draft. The U.S. government has been the punchline of many jokes on social media, like when the call to raid Area 51 took over the internet in 2019.

Meme of the Month: Draw 25 UNO Card

Though World War III memes were amusing, there wasn’t a meme I shared more than the draw 25 UNO card meme. To preface, blank UNO cards exist to make crazy rules to spice up the colorful card game. In the instance of this meme, when someone draws this card, they are given a choice — either draw 25 cards or perform an undesirable task.

This premise leaves a lot of room for alterations by the meme community. The meme depicts the card’s prompt followed by an image of a man who didn’t even hesitate to grab 25 cards. Internet users have inserted their own captions denoting what action would be so unwanted as to cause them to pick up 25 cards. The captions have varied from calling an ex or watching a TV show some people can’t stand.