Memes Art

February was an eventful month — the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, the Academy Awards and several caucuses and primaries took place. Following notable events, topical memes spread like wildfire across the internet, as social media users bond over common experiences.

For those who want to stay in the internet culture loop or want a quick laugh from this month’s meme creators, here are the preeminent memes that surfaced on social media in February.

Runner-Up: Shakira’s tongue

With 102 million viewers, the Super Bowl is one of the most popular annual events — it has practically become a holiday. While some watch for the excitement of the actual game, others enjoy the breaks in game play when hilarious commercials and a larger-than-life halftime show take place.

This year’s halftime show featured pop sensations Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. No matter how grand of a performance the artist puts on at halftime, there is bound to be something to critique by the viewers at home. Whether it’s the ridiculous dancing of the left shark during Katy Perry’s 2015 performance or Beyonce’s animated faces in 2013, the Super Bowl halftime show offers plenty to joke about, especially with millions watching.

This year’s meme moment was served on a silver platter. Internet users feasted as Shakira looked straight into the camera and randomly started flickering her tongue. It’s still unclear why she did this — perhaps it’s possible that she wanted to make a meme. The goofy visual is meme-worthy enough, but that didn’t stop internet users from inserting their own captions, making comparisons to the sound of a turkey as well as Spongebob’s timeless worship of The Magic Conch Shell.

Winner: Bernie Sanders “I Am Once Again Asking”

Before the start of the new year, Sen. Bernie Sanders released a fundraising video where he asked for donations to his presidential campaign. The video featured him saying, “I am once again asking for your financial support.” At first, this quote seemed to be a simple and expected utterance for a presidential candidate. However, the video soon became the punchline for copious memes on social media.

The line, “I am once again asking” has resonated with many internet users who have inserted the line into different contexts such as requesting money from parents. Caption alterations also poke fun at common questions — like repeatedly asking for someone’s name.

A creative spin came with the editing of Sanders. In this version, creators add a personalized take on the joke. For example, Sanders was edited into a cat outfit with the caption, “I am once again asking for you to fill my food bowl.”