As social distancing becomes the new usual, the coronavirus has almost become normalized to the point where making jokes about it can be redundant. Because of this, April was filled with fresh, amusing memes that almost make you forget that we’re in a pandemic.

If your Twitter feeds have been crowded with COVID-19 updates or you’ve decided to cleanse yourself from the grip of social media, allow me to highlight the memes you may have missed this month.

Runner-Up: Leonardo DiCaprio pointing

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In the 2019 film “Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood,” the main protagonist Rick Dalton, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, watches himself act on television and points out when he’s on screen. Months after the release of the film, the image of him dramatically pointing has become the forefront of an assemblance of memes on social media.

The captions that follow allude to the trope of when a movie’s title is said or referenced in the movie itself. When a film references its title, it can be satisfying for puzzled viewers who wonder why a movie has a certain title. This contentment is relatable for audience members, as this subconscious desire for title references has generated copious memes of DiCaprio gleefully pointing at almost every movie out there. The humor of this meme arises when it references titles with obvious meanings, and DiCaprio still points it out.

Winner: “Gossip Girl” title

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It’s odd that a meme from the drama series “Gossip Girl,” which ended in 2012, is just now sprouting. Nevertheless, its existence is appreciated by those with a nonsensical sense of humor. The format of the meme depicts the show’s character Serena van der Woodson, played by Blake Lively, asking a question or saying a phrase, followed by the title card of the show, which includes Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester. However, instead of the title reading as “Gossip Girl,” the letters have been jumbled to match Lively’s question or comment.

This simple manipulation of the title has generated countless memes. There’s a possibility the internet has gone a bit stir-crazy pushing the meme’s absurdity, but I’m not one to complain. I find this kind of inane humor to be quite hilarious. Is it relevant? Of course not. Is it just the kind of flippant joke we need right now? Definitely.