Hannah Huston courtesy photo

Hannah Huston went from being a preschool teacher in Lincoln to finishing third on the popular singing competition show “The Voice.” Since then, she has been working on new music in Nashville, but not without visits home to perform at the Lied Center for Performing Arts. 

On Feb. 18, Huston will return to the Lied as a part of the center’s Arts for the Soul Music and Fine Arts Series. The performance will be open to in-person guests while also available for livestream on the Lied Center’s Facebook. Huston is going to perform some fan-favorite originals and unreleased songs.

The Lied’s associate director of marketing and patron development Matthew Boring said the Lied Center is going to great lengths to ensure both the livestream and in-person performance can be enjoyable with little technical difficulties. 

“We have a whole crew that's running the in-person performance to make sure that the sound and the lights, everything is a really good high-quality experience for the in-person audience,” Boring said. “And then there's a separate team of people who are operating the cameras and the broadcasts mixing, and the actual webcasting of the event to make sure that that's all running smoothly and that we're getting the right links to people who've registered.”  

In November, during the final stretch of their winter season, the Lied Center staff announced the cancellation of its in-person performances due to high counts of positive coronavirus cases. The venue reopened for humorist Juli Burney on Jan. 17, but Boring said the Lied Center is still taking precautions to ensure the safety of the staff, performers and audience. He said this is made possible through collaboration between the Lied, the university and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department. 

“We're really thrilled to be having in-person audiences for shows this spring, but continuing to be flexible and adaptable is something that we know is required really for the whole rest of the spring season.” 

Boring said the Lied Center staff invited Huston to come perform numerous times because of how much thought and effort she puts into the show. He said Huston tries to make each show stand out from the others.  

“Every time that she's performed the Lied, there's been something unique about it. She's had either different arrangements that she's made specifically for the concert, or has had different people arrange things for her to perform at the Lied. And so there's always something unique about it,” Boring said. 

Tickets for the show can be purchased on the Lied Center’s website