Estrogen Projection meets for band practice on Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Starting out as four women looking to expand their music interests, the local all-girl punk band Estrogen Projection has grown into an exciting addition to the local music scene. Estrogen Projection made their imprint with their female empowering image and is continuing to concentrate on their punk music. The band will introduce their own flavor of punk music to the streets of Lincoln with their first house show as a complete band on Oct. 8.

With the upcoming event, Estrogen Projection’s members said they were excited to show fans what they have been working on, as well as introduce a new band member to the group. Emma Harner, the new lead guitarist completes the girl group, along with Hannah Romell on bass, Amilia Breton on the drums and vocalist Lanie Schlueter on rhythm guitar. 

The band started out with Schlueter, who wanted to get more involved in the Lincoln music scene. Schluter said that she had many friends who were already immersed in other local bands at the time, making starting a band much easier.

“We were friends with people in the local scene,” Schlueter said. “We needed a drummer, and my friend was like, ‘Hey, Amilia is a drummer.’”

According to Romell, all of the band members have ample desire to practice and produce new music, despite their busy schedules. 

“Personally, it is a lot of work because I'm a full-time student, and I also have a job,” Romell said. “It definitely can be kind of difficult to find a time that we’re all available to practice, but we all enjoy it so we figure it out.”

Breton said being a complete band is an advantage when it comes to working on lyrics and producing a finished song. While the band gets together to talk about ideas, each member also spends some of their free time coming up with songs to be able to present to one another at practices. 

“Bouncing off each other is definitely one of the best parts of being in a band together because our ideas are always changing, and we’re always bringing different things to the table,” Breton said.

Producing songs has not always been easy for the band as they were missing the addition of Harner, according to Schlueter. Harner’s background in music composition and producing and releasing singles on her own time allowed the band to further their music production. Estrogen Projection has finally acquired their missing puzzle piece by adding Harner, Schlueter said, who helps polish their songs.

“They've done stuff where they play their songs for me and I just try to make stuff up for it,” Harner said. “It is so fun to just have beginnings of a little riff that I can go home and make into a whole part.”

The band’s discography includes “Worker’s Revolution”, “Lame Horse” and “F*** Scott Pilgrim.” 

“Punk’s fun, punk’s fat,” said Schlueter. “It’s kind of crunchy and you can scream.”

Estrogen Projection aims to record their songs and put them on music platforms within the upcoming year, as well as possibly release an EP. 

“I would be writing songs even if I wasn’t in a band,” Romell said. “It would suck because it would just be me and nobody else. It’s nice that something I would be doing anyway now gets to actually come to fruition.”