Apartment Hunting

Whether you’re moving out of your parent’s house, a dorm, greek house or just moving to Lincoln for the first time, finding an apartment can be a daunting task. Although the hundreds of properties, smiley real estate agents and varying rent prices may be intimidating at first, there are several things to look for to help tackle apartment hunting with ease. 

Utility bill estimations 

It is a little-known fact that you can call and ask about utility bills. Simply call Lincoln Electric System with the address of the apartment and ask for estimations. LES can give you the highest, lowest and average utility bill tenants have paid while living there. If you don’t want to call the electric company, or have other bills as well (such as gas or water), you can simply Google utility estimations in your area to get a ballpark idea of what they’ll cost. In fact, some apartments only require a base amount per month for utilities, and others don’t make you pay for them at all.

Security and safety

The amount of security an apartment has will vary from building to building. Some only have one exterior door as their entry security system. Others have an outdoor security door as well as an indoor entry door. Also, some buildings have security guards that walk around at night or even 24/7. For the most part, this is a personal preference for whoever is going to live in that apartment. Exterior and interior door security is something to take into account when making a decision on the right place for you. Another concern that’s vital when searching for a new apartment is researching the neighborhood. Surfing the web for Lincoln crime rates and statistics in your neighborhood can give you key information on the safety of your neighborhood.

Air conditioning systems

The types of cooling and heating systems of an apartment can range from as little as a rickety window-mounted air conditioning unit to central air conditioning and manual thermostats. Central air conditioning means that cool air is being pumped through an entire apartment from vents that lead to a large air conditioner, which is usually kept in a utility closet or in the basement of the building. Costs will vary depending on the system, but knowing what you’re getting into will help you anticipate more bills.  

Location and distance from campus

One of the most important details for students to consider when renting an apartment is its distance from campus. Some students prefer to be within walking distance while others are okay with commuting via bus or car.

Feeling comfortable

From the moment you walk through the door, you should feel comfortable and be able to see yourself living in that apartment. Without liking the feel of the place or knowing the apartment is meant for you, you probably won’t be able to enjoy your time there. Ultimately, how you feel about the apartment is going to determine how that space will work for you and your mindset for the upcoming school year.