Ending It

As Valentine’s season has finally passed, the pressure to maintain a frustrating, undefined or even toxic relationship has become slightly less stigmatized. Of course, ending a relationship isn’t the easiest task known to mankind. Still, the question remains — is it easier to quickly rip off the band-aid or should you strain the relationship until your partner decides to call it quits? Breakups are never pleasant, so here are five solid ways to end that not-so-solid relationship.

1. Say goodbye in person

Saying goodbye in person will always be difficult, but the extra effort is considerate to your partner, especially after a long-term relationship. If you know it’s time to part ways, there’s no better medium than to tell them to their face. The sooner you converse in person, the faster you can both move on. When choosing a location, a public space can be your friend or foe. If the breakup goes south, the publicity might convince your partner to keep cool and leave calmly. Or, your partner might enjoy the attention drawn by bystanders as the commotion makes you the new bad guy in the room. Either way, depending on how your partner takes your proposition, you might be thankful for the witnesses around.

2. Words are hard, write your feelings out

Not all of us are comfortable sharing our feelings face to face. Your voice may begin to shake and the words might not come out right when put in a tender situation. Writing a letter is always an option, and you can always meet up with your partner in person to hand them your not-so-love letter. Again, the face-to-face interaction shows that you’re still considerate of them and you can write your letter as many times as necessary until it says exactly what you want to say.

3. Break up with their parents

Ever felt like you were dating your significant other’s parents more than you were dating your partner? Being your partner’s cheerleader can be enjoyable temporarily, but it can be hard to end things when you’re constantly seeing their parents instead. Perhaps ending things with their parents is your best option, as their support can help soften the blow on your partner. Your partner will eventually get the message and it may be helpful to them in the future as they try dating again.

4. Give them a call

Breaking off your relationship isn’t always possible in person. If it’s a long-distance relationship, don’t postpone the breakup. End it and allow one another to move on. A phone call can be the closest thing to breaking up in person, and each person has the opportunity to get a couple words in. Collect your thoughts, form a plan, then make the call. After you break the news, don’t head straight for the end call button; allow your partner to respond as if they were right next to you.

One particularly harsh breakup technique involves sending a quick text message or leaving them a voicemail to find later. This could give you just enough time to leave the country. This tactic should be used sparingly and never for long-term relationships unless the relationship was absolutely horrific. In that case, moving out of the country might be necessary.

5. Leaving the country? Send an email

In the case you feel the need to flee the country to avoid a relationship, sending an email to a buried inbox might be your option. Few people are caught up with their email accounts and are likely to miss your email for at least 24 hours. By the time they find your message, you could be relaxing on an international cruise or kicking it on the beach.